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Birkhoff Research Group Inc. strives to be recognized as the industry leader in franchise research by providing free, well-researched franchise information that promotes greater transparency and trust within the industry. We created the Birkhoff Score to facilitate the franchise research process. The Birkhoff Score is an aggregate score that comprises data from multiple information sources, carefully weighted and reviewed by Birkhoff Research Analysts using a proprietary algorithm designed to measure franchise satisfaction and dozens of other important data points. The data was derived from a database of over 100,000 franchisees across 17 different industry sectors and is the only objective company ranking designed to measure opportunity potential and franchisee sentiment. In addition to our freely accessible content on the front-end of the website we offer franchise disclosure documents and other useful resources in our member's only area, which is free to join. Members also have access to free franchise consulting and can post any franchise-related question for us to answer.

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