The Birkhoff Research Group would not exist if it were not for the high calibre team of international research analysts. With an organizational culture that promotes the efforts and expertise of the group, as opposed to the individual, we are not seeking personal recognition but rather striving to increase the quality and accuracy of our collective work and reputation.

Our culture and philosophy was inspired by the Economist magazine, an organization that does not use bylines in articles. We don’t want to risk analysts "showboating" in their reports to make a name for themselves. We don’t want there to be any possible incentive or conflict of interest whereby an analyst could receive direct benefit from their research once in the market.

We believe that no one is an island—together we achieve more and hold each other accountable.

The Birkhoff Research Group is looking to establish a research leadership team of volunteers aptly named FIRE (Franchise Industry Research Evangelists). As we strive to be recognized as the industry leader we will continue to reach out to the best minds—those franchise thought leaders who share our vision of providing free, well-researched franchise information that promotes greater transparency and trust within the industry.

If you are interested in joining the FIRE group please provide your contact details in the form below.



Join a growing industry leader


Help others by contributing to a free resource


Help promote greater transparency and trust within the industry


Increase the quality and accuracy of franchise research

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