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AArrow Advertising

AArrow provides a unique marketing service to commercial clients. The company uses a direct, eye-catching technique it calls “sign spinning.” Trained “spinners” execute choreographed moves using a logo-adorned sign as a prop. The fresh take on direct advertising is gaining popularity and AArow has quickly grown to include 39 locations.

Start-up Cost: $36.88K - 80.02K


Billboard Connection Inc.

Billboard Connection serves a specific niche in the marketing sector: outdoor media, like signage. Founded in 1997, the company helps create eye-catching ad campaigns tailored to fit each client’s objectives and target demographic. More than 100 of these franchised agencies are open today.

Start-up Cost: $42.73K - 66.23K


Business Partner Marketing Coach

Business Partner Marketing Coach works with companies to develop marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Consultants work closely with customers to create the most effective ways to reach their target audience. Promotional plans can include employee recognition awards, graphic media like banners and flyers, corporate apparel, digital media, and logo design.

Start-up Cost: $67.2K - 77.05K


City Publications

Lisa Thibault founded City Publications to help business grow by exposing them to customers and generating valuable leads. City Publications uses several avenues to help businesses reach their target market including email and text message campaigns, mailers, and social media. The company operates through some 100 franchised units.

Start-up Cost: $92.65K - 267.85K


Homes & Land Magazine

Homes & Land Magazine is a publication offering real estate ad space to its customers. Featured homes and properties are showcased through photos and informative text blurbs. The company was founded in 1973 and franchised in 1984 and there are now 250 units publishing Homes & Land Magazines for their respective areas.

Start-up Cost: $52.1K - 133K


Money Mailer Franchise Corp.

Money Mailer started in 1979 in Huntington Beach, California and turned to the franchise market the following year. Money Mailer franchisees work as consultants for the businesses in their area, helping them to market their services via direct mail advertising. The company has become a household name with over 225 franchises in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $42.55K - 69.5K


RSVP Publications

RSVP is a direct-mail advertising company that sells feature space in its mailer to a cooperative of businesses. Independently owned RSVP franchises operate in localized regions, working with area businesses to increase their exposure to potential customers through direct marketing via coupon mailers. About 100 RSVP units are being run by franchisees today.

Start-up Cost: $49.5K - 180.6K


Valpak Direct Marketing Systems Inc.

Founded in 1968 by Terry Loebal, ValPak Direct Marketing Systems distributes mailer packets filled with coupons for area businesses. The company also provides a similar service via a coupon website. ValPak works through more than 150 independent franchises that sell advertising space to local businesses, helping them to gain exposure within their market.

Start-up Cost: $95.2K - 120.8K

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