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Cost Cutters Family Hair Care

There are over 800 Cost Cutters Family Hair Care franchises in the U.S. and Canada. The company was started by Joe Francis in 1982. It wasn’t his first venture into the salon industry; he had run a popular local barber shop for nearly 20 years before opening cost cutters. The franchise is now owned by the Regis Corporation, which includes other well known salons like Supercuts and MasterCuts.

Start-up Cost: $88.5K - 180.1K


Fantastic Sams Hair Salons

In 1974, Sam Ross founded Fantastic Sams to provide quick, affordable haircuts and styling to people on a walk-in basis. Branching out into the franchise market by 1976, the chain has grown exponentially and has become one of the largest salon chains in the United States. There are more than 1,200 Fantastic Sams locations.

Start-up Cost: $115K - 228.6K


First Choice Haircutters

First Choice is a subsidiary of the Rgis Group of hair salons. Other salons in the network include Supercuts and CostCutters. The over 400 location franchise was started by A. Bud Cowan in London, Ontario Canada. The First Choice model is one that focuses on quick, no-appointment-necessary hair-cutting and styling for the whole family.

Start-up Cost: $145K - 210.5K


Great Clips

Since 1982, Great Clips has been giving its patrons quick and inexpensive haircuts and styles. These small salons offer full service, low prices, and little to no waiting. The chain stood out among competitors for ditching the exclusivity of upper-end salons and offering thier services on a walk-in basis and staying open on evenings and weekends. Currently, almost 3,000 Great Clips franchises are up and running, serving U.S. and Canadian markets.

Start-up Cost: $108.35K - 203.5K


John Casablancas Modeling & Career Centers

John Casablancas founded his namesake talent agency in 1979. Casablancas is also the person behind the world-renowned Elite modeling agency. Using his extensive knowledge of the industry, John developed a solid instructional plan and immediately began selling franchises. The schools charge aspiring models and actors to learn skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields. Classes include acting, makeup application, runway walking, skin & hair care, and more.

Start-up Cost: $136.85K - 341.37K


LaVida Massage

The first LaVida Massage center was opened in 2006 in Brighton, Michigan. The center was voted best in the area after just one year in business, and the company began to expand from there. The founders of LaVida had already created and run a successful franchise operation and built their newest venture on a foundation of providing service that could not be outsourced, was in high demand, and did not require a lot of overhead cost for operators to be successful.

Start-up Cost: $145.25K - 260K



Magicuts is a part of the Regis Corp. family of hair salons, which includes Cost Cutters and Supercuts. Magicuts are located exclusively inside Zeller’s, a top Canadian department store. The franchise was established in 1981 and the convenient walk-in hair salon has remained popular; there are now just under 200 Magicuts locations in Canada. The shops offer a full array of salon services.

Start-up Cost: $138K - 204.5K


Massage Envy

The idea behind Massage Envy was that by creating a membership system, patrons could be offered the therapeutic benefits of massage for much less than traditional spas and massage parlors. There are now 600 Massage Envy locations in the United States, each with professionally trained massage therapists on staff.

Start-up Cost: $352K - 569K


Massage Heights

Massage Heights is a massage center that operates on a monthly membership system, where clients pay a flat rate and are given access to services in return. Individual massages can also be purchased. The company was founded in 2004 in San Antonio, Texas and offered as a franchise the next year. Now, the chain is inclusive of nearly 80 functioning locations.

Start-up Cost: $222.1K - 561.15K


No Mas Vello

No Mas Vello, which translates from Spanish to “No More Hair” is a laser hair removal franchise with thousands of locations in Europe. The company has recently expanded its franchising to the United States. No Mas Vello specializes in IPL (or Intense Pulsed Laser) hair removal and offers customers discounts and deals on these increasingly popular treatments.

Start-up Cost: $84.1K - 122K


Palm Beach Tan

First opened in 1990, there are now about 200 Palm Beach Tan locations in 31 states in the U.S. Palm Beach tanning salons were unique when they first opened in that there are several different types of tanning beds available to customers, along with an array of related products they can purchase. Employees are also attentive, and able to give tanning advice to customers. Many salons now follow the Palm Beach model.

Start-up Cost: $554.73K - 821.38K


Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers

Barber Joe Grondin founded Roosters in 1999 after 30 years of experience in the men’s hair care and grooming industry. Grondin wanted to recapture the barber shop experience of times past, bringing back a model that focused on personal interaction and slow, careful service. Roosters franchised in 2002 and there are more than 50 of the old-style men’s barber shops operating today.

Start-up Cost: $190.25K - 264.3K


Sport Clips

Realizing that the vast majority of hair salons catered primarily to women, Gordon Logan founded Sport Clips in 1993. He wanted to create a grooming and hair care establishment that would appeal to men. His concept of a sports-themed men’s salon took off and the company turned franchise in 1995. There are almost 800 Sports Clips locations, and the brand has marketing partnerships with several sports teams.

Start-up Cost: $153.2K - 276.9K



Supercuts made its debut as a franchise in 1979. It was started in 1975 by Geoffrey Rappaport and Frank Emmett, who hoped to attract customers with a new kind of hair styling establishment. Neither expensive salon nor mom-and-pop barber shop, Supercuts offered stylish cuts and grooming services at an affordable price with a very quick turnaround. In 1996, RegisCorp. purchased Supercuts, and there are now over 2,200 of the salons in the U.S. and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $103.56K - 196.5K

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