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ActionCoach is a consulting firm providing coaching and counseling to help businesses achieve success through strategy and balance. Established by Brad Sugar in 1993 in Brisbane Australia, there are over 1,000 ActionCoach centers worldwide teaching techniques to help business operate more efficiently.

Start-up Cost: $82.5K - 490.03K



AdviCoach provides coaching and training for small and medium-sized businesses. The company helps to improve intra-office communication, productivity and efficiency, and marketing strategies through proven business management strategies. The company was formed and franchised in 2002, and now has around 70 locations throughout the U.S.

Start-up Cost: $67.2K - 77.05K


Bevintel LLC

Bevintel provides inventory control services for bars, helping them to reduce losses. It was founded in 1987 and began franchising three years later. By using specialized software and auditing techniques, Bevintel helps proprietors of liquor, beer, and wine to more closely monitor their stock and prevent profit loss. There are almost 300 Bevintel franchises.

Start-up Cost: $36.9K - 50.6K


BookKeeping Express

Bookkeeping Express (BKE) was founded in 1984 in California. The company offered virtual bookkeeping and payroll services to area businesses. The company’s success was almost immediate and it has grown exponentially over the years. In 2007, BKE was purchased by a group of entrepreneurs who brought the company into the franchising market.

Start-up Cost: $39.5K - 47.5K


CEO Focus

CEO Focus facilitates consulting and advisory communications between small-business owners and executives. The company operates based on a model of sharing knowledge and experience and a belief that the right peer-based resources can help propel a company’s success in a positive direction. Business leaders attend regular meetings with their contemporaries, gaining valuable insight into potential problems and pitfalls facing them in the corporate world.

Start-up Cost: $41.5K - 63K


CMIT Solutions Inc.

CMIT Solutions started in 1998 as a small technical and computer support company operating out of Austin, Texas. Two years later, the company began franchising. Now, there are 135 locally owned CMIT franchises helping small businesses with computer support and solutions in the United States and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $124.8K - 150.95K



Founded in 2005 and franchised in 2006, Cybertary provides virtual office assistant services for businesses. Clients are assigned account managers who match them with qualified assistants based on their specific needs. The unique idea is popular, providing business owners a way to have projects completed on an as-needed basis. Over 20 Cybertary franchises exist at present, and the idea seems to be catching on as the company is predicting continued growth into the future.

Start-up Cost: $39.5K - 78.5K


Eagle Tax

Eagle Tax is a tax preparation and filing company providing in person as well as online services to its customers. Eagle works to create a recognizable brand to help franchise owners to attract the most possible customers. The company was founded and franchised in 2007, quickly growing to include 27 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $36.6K - 79.1K


Expense Reduction Analysts Inc.

Founded and franchised in 1984, Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) are independently owned franchises providing consultation, training, and implementation of expense reduction programs for businesses. Companies hire ERA to help them streamline their process and minimize loss. The concept is very successful and well over 700 ERA offices are operating today.

Start-up Cost: $66.1K - 81.75K


Expense Reduction Coaching

Since 1993, Expense Reduction Coaching (ERC) has worked to help businesses increase their profits by decreasing their expenses and saving them money on long-term operations expenses. This is achieved through consultation and coaching, used in conjunction with specialized software. ERC became a franchised operation in 2005 and now includes 21 independently owned units.

Start-up Cost: $67.2K - 77.05K


Express Employment Professionals

Since 1983, Express Employment has been helping businesses to fulfill their full-time, part-time, permanent, and temporary staffing needs. The company was started by three entrepreneurs: William H. Stohler, Robert A.Funk, and James Gray and now has over 500 franchised locations providing staffing for a diverse array of clientele.

Start-up Cost: $95.5K - 134.5K


Express Tax

Express Tax was started in 1997, providing customers with tax preparation and filing, along with other accounting services. H&R Block, owner of the Express Tax name, has recently ended the franchise. All remaining locations were renamed and are currently operating under the H&R Block brand.

Start-up Cost: $16.48K - 48.4K


H & R Block

Another company started by brothers, H & R Block was founded as a small bookkeeping outfit in 1955 by Harold and Richard Bloch. The company has since maintained a long run as one of the top tax preparation services in the United States. They have continued to adapt to the technological advances of the times, and offer online services as well as tax preparation software. The firm processes hundreds of millions of tax returns every year.

Start-up Cost: $35.51K - 136.2K


Handle With Care Packaging Store

The first Handle With Care store was opened in Denver, Colorado in 1980. The store has evolved from its initial services offered like private mailboxes and packing/shipping services. In addition to those original features, Handle With Care also offers customers retail sales of boxes and packaging supplies. Handle With Care entered the franchise market in 1984 and there are over 50 stores currently open in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $96K - 165.55K


Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office was founded by Ralph Gregory in Boulder, Colorado in 1995. Gregory built his model based on his own personal situation. After becoming a father, Gregory began working from home in his field as a venture capitalist. He saw that most of his duties could be performed without a physical office, but he lacked resources - like secretarial services and meeting spaces - to maintain the most professional appearance possible. He started Intelligent Office to help bridge the gap between the virtual office and the physical workplace. He franchised the concept in 1999 and the Intelligent Office brand now includes almost 50 locations.

Start-up Cost: $311K - 491.5K


Labor Finders

Labor finders is an industrial staffing company that helps companies fill positions in several industries including hospitality, trucking, labor, and payroll. The company was founded and franchised in 1975 by entrepreneur Newton Burnett. There are currently more than 180 independently owned Labor Finders locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $120.06K - 206.58K


Leadership Management Inc.

Leadership Management Incorporated (LMI) is a group of franchises that provide programs to help hone executive and managerial skills in employees. The company was started by Paul J. Meyer in 1965 and franchised the same year. The LMI family now includes more than 500 offices in over 69 countries.

Start-up Cost: $35K - 42.5K


Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service was started by John Hewitt, who is also the founder of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. He acquired the company from a Canadian franchise that had been operating successfully since 1973. Hewitt expanded the business throughout Canada and into the United States and there are now around 2,500 Liberty Tax Service centers in both countries.

Start-up Cost: $56.8K - 69.9K


Padgett Business Services

Now a well-known accounting franchise, Padgett started in 1965, offering tax and bookkeeping services for small businesses. The Padgett family of franchise locations is over 400 strong and still caters specifically to small business owners and their unique set of financial service needs.

Start-up Cost: $105.96K


Pak Mail

Pak Mail was founded in 1984 and is based in Englewood, Colorado. The centers provide packing and shipping services, as well as offering personal mailboxes that customers can rent out. The immensely successful franchise now operates in the form of more than 500 packing and shipping centers throughout the world.

Start-up Cost: $136.94K - 168.3K

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