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1-800-DryClean is a dry cleaning pickup and delivery service operating through 108 independently owned franchises. The company also offers tailoring services, wedding dress preservation, shoe repair, leather cleaning and more. 1-800-DryClean is a part of the Service Brands group of companies alongside fellow service industry chains Mr. Handyman and Molly Maid.

Start-up Cost: $69.9K - 92.45K



Allison and Barry Bodiford founded 360clean in 2005. Initially, the company provided janitorial services to businesses on a part time basis. Since then, the company has grown at an impressive rate and is now a top janitorial services franchise. There are 40 U.S. locations run by franchisees and the company is projecting continued expansion into the future. 360clean strives to set itself apart from its competitors by paying close attention to sanitation and germ control.

Start-up Cost: $13.1K - 23.6K



AdvantaClean was founded in 1994 to provide cleaning and restoration services to homeowners and businesses. The company trains technicians at its vast facility, located at the company’s headquarters in Huntersville, North Carolina. A franchised operation since 2006, there are nearly 100 independently owned AdvantaCleans in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $79.5K - 110.73K


Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services

Aerowest/Westair makes its own line of restroom sanitizing and deodorizing products. The company distributes these through its own warehouses, many of which are independently owned and operated by franchisees. Commercial clients contract the company to regularly service their public and private restrooms with their specialty collection of supplies.

Start-up Cost: $8.47K - 49.87K


Aire-Master of America Inc.

Jerry P. McCauley started Aire-Master in 1958, after creating his own line of restroom deodorizing products as an answer to the mediocre air fresheners he had observed in public restrooms. His firsthand knowledge - he had worked in the janitorial supply industry - afforded him insight that he used to create his business model. Aire-Master franchised in 1976 and through the years has become a network of almost 90 locations.

Start-up Cost: $34.08K - 126.9K


Anago Cleaning Systems

In 1989 David Povlitz opened the first Anago Cleaning Systems office in Florida. With 15 years of experience in the janitorial industry under his belt, Povlitz developed a system outlining efficient, detailed cleaning methods that enabled Anago cleaning teams to effectively serve very large commercial clients. In 1991, Povlitz began selling franchises which have continued to be successful. There are now more than 2,200 Anago Cleaning Systems in operation across the United States.

Start-up Cost: $8.54K - 65.41K


Buildingstars Inc.

Since 1994, Buildingstars has been providing commercial clients with professional cleaning services. In 2000, the name entered the franchising market and became a quick favorite among entrepreneurs. The franchise’s formula entails incorporating health conscious methods and detailed regimens for upkeep of cleanliness and sanitary conditions. More than 300 Buildingstars franchises exist in the United States today.

Start-up Cost: $2.2K - 52.8K


Chem-Dry Carpet Drapery & Upholstery Cleaning

Working his way through law school cleaning carpets, Robert Harris probably didn’t imagine that he’d stay in the cleaning business for the rest of his life. He made a fateful decision, however, to see if he could improve upon the mediocre formulas used by the companies he had worked for. Harris’ method worked beautifully, and his services were soon in high demand. He started Chem-Dry in 1977 and was franchising the following year. There are more than 3,600 Chem-Dry outfits in the U.S. and internationally today. Since 2006, Chem-Dry has operated under The Home Depot brand.

Start-up Cost: $27.85K - 122.65K


City Wide Maintenance

City Wide Maintenance started up in 1961, providing several custodial and janitorial services to commercial clients. The City Wide model is one that strives to integrate its many services to create streamlined building maintenance management plans for its customers. City Wide Maintenance has been selling franchises since 2001.

Start-up Cost: $102.33K - 225.7K


CleanNet USA Inc.

Founded in by Mark Salek, CleanNet provides commercial-grade cleaning and janitorial services to businesses throughout the country. What began as a single office in the Washington, D.C. area has now expanded to a franchise consisting of more than 5,000 locations across the United States.

Start-up Cost: $6.66K - 92.95K


Comet Cleaners

Comet Cleaners is a one-hour dry cleaning service. The company is comprised of more than 250 franchised locations. Comet has been around since 1947, and was founded by R.L. “Jack” Godfrey. Jack had experience in the industry, having already owned and operated a dry cleaning store. The company has been passed down through the Godfrey family for generations and today is headed by Jack Godfrey, Jr.

Start-up Cost: $76.65K - 543.6K


Dryclean USA

In 1977, Dryclean USA was formed, and franchises were offered the following year. A major player in the dry cleaning service industry, Dryclean USA has become an international chain consisting of almost 400 different stores. Dryclean USA promises to give its customers above-and-beyond care when it comes to their cleaning needs, taking time to assess and treat each garment based on fabric type.

Start-up Cost: $260.5K - 599K


Fish Window Cleaning Services Inc.

Fish Window Cleaning was born when S. Michael Merrick bought an existing window washing company (he had just lost his job as a bank manager). He and his wife renamed the company Fish Window Cleaning and set to work establishing a reputation around the St. Louis Missouri area for delivering top quality service for 20 years before launching the company as a franchise. Now there are nearly 300 of them in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $74.83K - 136.1K



FRSTeam - or Fabric Restoration Service Team - was founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife partners Jim and Courtney Nicholas, along with Courtney’s brother Ryan Meekma. The company began franchising immediately and there are now almost 50 FRSTeam outfits operating today, providing customers with emergency cleanup and post-disaster restoration services.

Start-up Cost: $32K - 380.5K


Heaven’s Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Heaven’s Best, which operates out of Rexburg, Idaho provides a semi-dry carpet cleaning method to residential and business clients. The practice of using minimal water allows Heaven’s Best to promise dry carpets just one hour after cleaning. The concept and company was originated by founder Cody Howard in 1983 and now more than 1,200 Heaven’s Best operations provide the company’s signature services.

Start-up Cost: $44.9K - 65.9K


Jantize America

Established in 1983, Jantize founders set out a model for successful franchised operations through methodical guidelines, low startup cost, and consistent services. Jantize has become a large janitorial network, consisting of more than 250 franchises in the United States. The company itself is employee owned.

Start-up Cost: $29.65K - 171.5K


Maid Brigade

Bart Puett and Don Hay started Maid Brigade in 1979. They began selling franchises the following year. Maid Brigade has seen continued success providing basic and specialty cleaning services for residential customers around the United States, Canada, and in parts of Ireland. The brand led the eco-friendly cleaning revolution by becoming the first ever Green Certified residential cleaning company in the U.S.

Start-up Cost: $85K - 124K


Maid To Perfection

In 1980, what would one day become the a global cleaning franchise was formed under the name Midy Tidy. The company incorporated in 1983, and changed its name to Maid To Perfection in 1990. The brand is now comprised of more than 300 U.S. and Canadian locations providing commercial and residential cleaning for thousands of customers.

Start-up Cost: $57.03K - 62.64K



MaidPro was started by Mark Kushinsky and Richard Sparacio in 1991. Kushinsky had recently hired three separate cleaning services to clean his home and was disappointed with every one. Not only had his house been cleaned poorly, the customer service was also bad. This experience prompted him to start his own cleaning company. Following Kushinsky’s regimented cleaning and customer service model, MaidPro grew into the network of over 180 franchises that it is today.

Start-up Cost: $10.81K - 103.96K


Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning is an one-hour dry cleaning franchise with more than 450 locations. The term “martinizing” comes from Henry Martin. Martin was a chemist who created a non-flammable method for dry cleaning garments. This revolutionized the industry, since customers would no longer have to wait days for their clothes to be sent to an off-site facility.

Start-up Cost: $365K - 657.9K

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