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Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership

There are more than 1,800 Aaron’s locations in North America, and the company is a leader in the leasing and sales of such items as household furniture, stereo equipment, and appliances. Aaron’s was first started in 1955 by R. Charles Loudermilk, Sr. when he purchased some folding chairs at a surplus store and rented them out to customers for a small fee. Aaron’s grew to include more and more items for rental, lease, and sale and the company began selling franchises in 1992.

Start-up Cost: $233.87K - 607.58K


ACFN-The ATM Franchise Business

ACFN is a collection of just under 200 franchised businesses supplying ATM machines for various establishments, most often hospitality and entertainment service buildings like hotels and fun centers. No experience is required of franchisees, and the company provides the training necessary for successful operation. The company also brokers placement contracts for its franchise owners.

Start-up Cost: $37.79K - 82.97K


Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax

Founded in 1999, Fiesta is an insurance brokerage helping to match customers with the right policy from a selection of over 40 insurance providers for home, boat, auto, business, property, or rental coverage. In addition, all Fiesta locations offer tax preparation services to its customers. Fiesta has grown into a network of franchises serving clients from more than 130 locations.

Start-up Cost: $49.08K - 104.9K


Interface Financial Corp.

Interface Financial Corporation was started in 1972 by founder and entrepreneur John T. Sheehy to help companies find more working capital with invoice discounting solutions. The company began franchising in 1990, and there are now 150 locations in the network. Interface is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland (with International headquarters in Markham, Ontario).

Start-up Cost: $88.3K - 139.3K


J.D. Byrider

J.D. Byrider was founded in 1979 by James F. DeVoe, after years of experience selling used cars. He set up a system to help people with less-than-perfect credit finance a vehicle in their price range. The J.D. Byrider model first figures out a customer’s financial situation, and then helps them to find a vehicle they can afford. Franchised in 1989, J.D. Byrider has more than 130 dealerships operating in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $675.48K - 5.21M


Mr. Payroll Corp.

Mr. Payroll is a group of non-bank financial institutions that provide monetary services to customers. The company, which is made up of 120 independently franchised businesses, charges a small fee to provide customers with money orders, check cashing, transfers, and bill paying. A popular franchise, owners can operate successfully with very little physical space and the check-cashing industry is a lucrative one.

Start-up Cost: $75.3K - 326.5K


Murphy Business & Financial Corp.

Roger J. Murphy founded this brokerage/real estate company in 1994. Murphy gave the venture his own name and set forth creating a viable model for an aggressive, well-connected brokerage. Once the Murphy name opened up to franchising, it quickly became a favorite among investors. Now there are more than 150 United States locations, and the company has begun to expand its operations into Canada.

Start-up Cost: $39K - 80K


United Check Cashing

Philadelphia-based United Check Cashing was first opened in 1971 and has seen years of continued success in the non-bank financial services market. The name was opened up to franchising in 1991, and has since spread rapidly, reaching over 120 operational units so far. Locations provide check cashing, wire transfers, and other services.

Start-up Cost: $226K - 297K

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