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Accessible Home Health Care

Accessible Home Health Care is an in-home care company providing help for clients of every age. The company exists today due to the efforts of Mirella Salem, who felt that there was a lot of unfulfilled need in the home care industry. Salem pitched her idea to Accessible Healthcare Services and convinced them to establish their Home Health Care Division, of which Salem is now president. Accessible is popular among franchisees for its high level of involvement with owners.

Start-up Cost: $93.5K - 123K


ApexNetwork Physical Therapy

ApexNetwork provides patients with a wide variety of physical therapy services, employing qualified therapists to serve with all kinds of needs in all areas of the body. The company works with privately paying individuals as well as with insurance companies, including Worker’s Compensation. The company was founded in 1999 and franchised in 2008.

Start-up Cost: $101K - 270.9K


CKO Kickboxing

Joseph Andreula founded CKO in 1997 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Called “Take It To The Max” at the time, the center offered high-intensity fitness and body-conditioning classes centered around kickboxing moves and techniques. After a few years, a name change, and some very satisfied (and a few famous) customers, CKO kickboxing is a top-performing fitness instruction franchise.

Start-up Cost: $97.89K - 306.9K


Complete Nutrition

Founded in 2004 and franchised in 2007, Complete Nutrition works from an interactive customer service model. Each location employs nutrition experts, personal trainers, and others who are qualified to help customers create a health and/or weight loss plan that works for their individual circumstances. There are well over 100 Complete Nutrition stores in 30 states.

Start-up Cost: $150K - 220K


Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet Sports was founded by Elizabeth Jansen and Sally Edwards in Sacramento, California in 1976. The two led the company to notable success, and franchised the Fleet Feet name in 1980. The company continued to flourish, and in 1993 Fleet Feet was purchased by businessman Tom Raynor. As of now, there are nearly 90 locations throughout the United States.

Start-up Cost: $170K - 317K


Get In Shape For Women

Entrepreneur Brian Cooke founded Get In Shape For Women in 2006 in Bedford, Massachusetts. The company’s model is to provide an intimate space where women feel comfortable working out to encourage them to embrace the company’s results-oriented programs to help transform their bodies. There are now around 100 of these specialized fitness centers assisting women in changing their fitness level through personal training, small group classes, and other personalized programs.

Start-up Cost: $51.34K - 200.59K


Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym has been around since 1965 when it first opened along California’s famous Venice Beach. Gold’s catered to serious bodybuilders and became known as a hotspot for intense weight training enthusiasts. Gold’s began franchising in 1980, and has grown exponentially. There are more than 700 Gold’s Gyms around the world, and the company also sells its own line of clothing through its franchises.

Start-up Cost: $898.5K - 3.89M


Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

Hayes Handpiece was founded by John Hayes in 1989. Hayes had previously run a dental supply company and noticed that handheld dental tools were by far the most lucrative portion of his business. Acting on this knowledge, Hayes started the niche company Hayes Handpiece, providing repair and replacement for dental drills and other handheld tools. In 1995, the company began franchising and now has over 80 service and repair centers.

Start-up Cost: $38.75K - 58.35K


HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab

HealthSource was developed by Dr. Chris Tomshack, a former chiropractor. Founded in Vermillion, Ohio in 1998. After growing his business for several years, Dr. Tomshack franchised his unique model for a successful chiropractic practice. Tomshack’s decision to go big has taken the chiropractic world by storm and there are over 300 Health Source practices in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $52.75K - 254.1K


Interim Healthcare

Interim provides staffing for companies providing hospice and health care services. Interim operates through more than 300 independently franchised locations in the United States and abroad. Interim helps match health care businesses with the most qualified health care workers. Interim’s business model includes a desire to make people’s lives better through access to service that promotes health, dignity, and independence.

Start-up Cost: $115.5K - 188.5K


Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Max Muscle was established in 1990 and began selling franchised locations in 2001. The company provides a variety of weight-loss and nutrition products including supplements, vitamins, weight-loss formulas, athletic apparel, and industry literature. Max Muscle currently has 100 locations in the United States, with plans to open hundreds more over the next five years.

Start-up Cost: $122.5K - 296.7K


Nrgize Lifestyle Cafe

Nrgize is part of Kahala Management, which also includes Taco Time, Cold Stone Creamery, and Blimpie. Nrgize cafes are usually strategically located near fitness centers to attract health conscious consumers. The Nrgize concept is to offer a variety of healthy shakes, smoothies, bars, and other supplemental health foods quickly for on-the-go customers.

Start-up Cost: $113.9K - 339.3K


Passport Health Inc.

Passport Health, opened in 1995 and franchised two years later, provides a specialized set of services catering to international travelers. Operating from more than 70 locations, Passport Health representatives work with clients to ensure the best possible travel experience. Passport provides immunizations and vaccinations required for safe travel in certain countries, along with other supplies, and even counseling to help clients know what to expect when they are abroad. Passport Health operates from its own independent centers as well as out of hospitals. Many locations also provide in-home service.

Start-up Cost: $73.55K - 101.5K


Pearle Vision

Now owned by Luxxotica, Pearle Vision was founded by Dr. Stanley Pearle in 1961. Dr. Pearle’s novel concept of combining an optometry office with a frame shop was popular with customers in the Savannah, Georgia area and soon word had spread to surrounding areas. For the next 20 years, the Pearle name continued to be recognized as a leader in eye care. In 1981, the brand was franchised and there are now more than 800 Pearle Vision centers serving customers in North America.

Start-up Cost: $202.26K - 577.1K


Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness was created to be a workout facility where everyone would feel comfortable, no matter what their fitness level. In 1992, Michael Grondahl bought a gym which he renamed Planet Fitness. Grondahl significantly reduced membership fees and created an atmosphere that was more laid back than larger fitness chains. These moves were in an effort to attract customers who were interested in working out, but felt intimidated in many gyms that seemed to be dominated by serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Branching out into franchising in 2003, the Planet Fitness name has grown to include more than 400 locations.

Start-up Cost: $673.1K - 1.66M


Relax The Back Corp.

Relax The Back is a retail store providing customers with access to medical-grade back support and pain relief products. The first location was opened by an osteopath in 1984, who franchised the name in 1989. Nearly 100 North American Relax The Back stores are currently in operation, selling all kinds of back care items like recliners, support braces, and neck & back exercise DVDs.

Start-up Cost: $221K - 361.2K


Retro Fitness LLC

Retro Fitness was opened in 2002 and franchised in 2006 by founder Eric Casaburi. He wanted to provide all the accoutrements of a modern gym at old-fashioned prices. Headquartered in Colts Neck, New Jersey, the franchise has expanded quickly and now there are over 75 of the distinctively decorated fitness centers in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $661.75K - 1.52M


Snap Fitness Inc.

Snap Fitness, founded in 2003, is a franchise offering full-service fitness centers available to members 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The company’s founder, Peter Taunton, had previously owned and operated a handful of workout facilities. Franchising was always a part of Taunton’s vision, and when he turned his existing group of gyms to Snap Fitness centers his goal was not only to provide an all-hours fitness facility for patrons but to create a solid franchise model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Start-up Cost: $76.11K - 361.7K

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