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Aussie Pet Mobile

As indicated by its name, Aussie Pet Mobile originated in Australia. The franchised operations come to pet owners and perform washing and grooming services out of specially equipped vans. The mobile grooming units have all the amenities necessary for performing these duties without the need for any outside electrical or water hookups. Another distinctive feature of the company is its commitment to being ecologically friendly; Aussie Pet Mobile vehicles use diesel fuel and all of the products they use are biodegradable.

Start-up Cost: $98.5K - 118.65K


Camp Bow Wow/Home Buddies

Home Buddies provides all kinds of in-home pet care services, like pet sitting, dog walking, feeding, waste cleanup, and even webcam pet surveillance. Camp Bow Wow is a kennel service offering day camps and overnight boarding for pets. It is a high-end pet boarding facility and ensures a comfortable environment for customers’ pets with amenities like access to large play areas and comfortable sleeping quarters. Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies (along with a third leg, Behavior Buddies) are run simultaneously as complementary companies operating from the same location.

Start-up Cost: $60K - 750K


Nature’s Pet Market

Nature’s Pet Market is a specialty retail shop, carrying only pet supplies that meet the company’s high product standards. The Nature’s Pet model is one that recognizes how pets can be like part of their owner’s family and that, given the option, people will purchase healthier and higher-quality products for their furry friends. The franchised stores carry sustainably made items whenever possible, along with high-end lines of food and grooming products that are free from chemicals and fillers.

Start-up Cost: $104K - 318.5K



Petland was founded in Ohio back in 1967, and has since grown into a franchised chain of 145 stores in the United States, Canada, Asia, and elsewhere. Stores sell a variety of domestic pets like cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, fish, and more. They also carry retail pet care items like food, shelters, toys, and training aides.

Start-up Cost: $299K - 1.05M


Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Capitalizing off the multi-billion dollar pet care industry, Sit Means Sit sells dog training franchises in the United States and is looking to expand into Canada. The company trains its franchisees extensively in all of the latest techniques. Sit Means Sit businesses are home-based and there are more than 50 independently owned franchises so far.

Start-up Cost: $11.5K - 81.85K


Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care

Snaggle Foot is a pet care company offering pet owners services like pet-sitting and dog-walking. In keeping with the company’s model of giving their clients peace of mind, all employees must undergo pre-employment drug testing as well as a background check. The company was founded in 2006, and franchise opportunities were made available in 2008.

Start-up Cost: $14.15K - 20.95K


Wild Birds Unlimited

Indianapolis was home to the very first Wild Birds Unlimited, started by Jim Carpenter in 1981. The franchise, now including some 300 locations in North America, caters to bird enthusiasts, selling mostly bird feeding products. The company works in partnership with organizations like The Audobon Society and The National Wildlife Federation in an effort to create and conserve bird friendly habitats.

Start-up Cost: $99.83K - 157.34K

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