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Acti-Kare Inc.

Acti-Kare employs caregivers to help senior citizens with all kinds of non-medical needs like transportation, household chores, companionship, and more. The company’s goal is to help aging people maintain their independence and quality of life, while giving family members some relief in helping to care for their loved ones. Almost 40 Acti-Kare franchises have opened since the company’s inception in 2007.

Start-up Cost: $29.75K - 49.75K


Always Best Care Senior Services

The founder of Always Best, Michael Newman, started his business after almost 20 years of working in the assisted living industry. Newman used his insights and experience to form the model for his own nonmedical care company. Always Best strives to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for seniors in order to help them maintain dignity and independence as long as possible.

Start-up Cost: $50.93K - 90.7K


CareMinders Home Care Inc.

CareMinders is a top franchisor of home care service providers, giving seniors access to qualified caregivers who help them with errands, chores, meal preparation, and other non-medical services. They can also help with personal care services like bathing, dressing, grooming, bathroom assistance, and more in an effort to preserve dignity, independence, and quality-of-life.

Start-up Cost: $75.5K - 123.9K


Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service was formed in 1991 to bring more care options for senior citizens in need. Caring Senior provides seniors and others with such things as meal preparation, housekeeping, running errands, and basic companionship. The name became a franchise in 2002 and now almost 40 Caring Senior Service centers exist in the U.S.

Start-up Cost: $52.45K - 93.05K


Caring Transitions

Established and franchised in 2006, Caring Transitions helps in asset liquidation for people in transitional periods of life that can be difficult to navigate. Caring Transitions helps seniors to downsize and relocate when life changes make doing so necessary, such as when moving to a care facility. The company also helps families to manage the sales of estate items when a loved one has passed away. Over 100 of these niche franchises are operating today.

Start-up Cost: $42.48K - 70.68K


ComForcare Senior Services Inc.

ComForcare Senior Services was started in 1996 in Bloomfield, Michigan to help seniors and people recovering from illness or injury. The service brings these people together with qualified caregivers to provide all kinds of non-medical services. In 2001, ComForcare started selling franchises and more than 150 centers now exist internationally.

Start-up Cost: $105K - 155K


Comfort Keepers

Nurse Kris Clum started Comfort Keepers in 1997 after seeing a gap in care that caused many people to enter nursing homes too early. She knew that if care could be provided for all those non-medical everyday needs, individuals could retain their independence longer. Kris was right, and her idea developed into an in-demand business. Comfort Keepers is still growing, with over 700 franchises throughout the world.

Start-up Cost: $61.45K - 88.5K


Companion Connection Senior Care

Companion Connection Senior Care has been providing in-home care services for senior citizens and disabled people since 1985. Available services include help with transportation for shopping and other errands, household chores, companionship, and more. The company was founded by David Goodman and is now inclusive of more than 110 franchised locations.

Start-up Cost: $24.7K - 43.73K


Griswold Special Care

Jean C. Griswold opened Griswold Special Care in 1982. Through personal experience, as well as her work as a geriatric counselor, Jean had seen the lack of non-medical services available to elderly people. Through her care center, Jean helped connect seniors with care providers to help with day-to-day needs like housework, running errands, and to help relieve family members from care duties. The Griswold franchise has now grown to include over 150 centers.

Start-up Cost: $72.33K - 95.3K


Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance was started by Kathy Johnson after disappointing experiences with in-home caregivers in her own life. She decided to create a model for senior care services using a balanced approach to ensure optimal health, dignity, and positive social interaction for homebound and semi-active senior citizens. There are almost 70 Home Care Assistance franchises today.

Start-up Cost: $61K - 170.5K


Home Instead Senior Care

After their own experience with an elderly relative, Paul and Lori Hogan saw an unfulfilled need for non-medical in-home care services. In 1994, they founded Home Instead and began providing unique services - such as household help, transportation assistance, and companionship to senior citizens in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Their efforts to help bring more independence to seniors were well-received, and the couple began selling franchises in 1995. Now, Home Instead is an international force, employing around 65,000 care specialists trained out of nearly 900 locations around the globe.

Start-up Cost: $53.33K - 69.47K


Homewatch CareGivers

Founder Paul Sauer created Homewatch CareGivers. He wanted to serve the elderly by connecting them with caregivers who would help them to retain freedom, dignity, and independence. Sauer franchised his successful home care business in 1996, and the Homewatch CareGivers name can be seen on over 200 centers across the U.S. and elsewhere.

Start-up Cost: $73.5K - 125K


HomeWell Senior Care

HomeWell Senior Care was started in 2002 and ventured into franchising in 2003. Joshua Hoffman, the company’s founder, had worked in home care himself before starting the business. HomeWell franchises employ caregivers who provide seniors with all kinds of non-medical care to help them retain their independence and confidence.

Start-up Cost: $53.55K - 85.4K


Preferred Care at Home

Frank and Jody Guerrieri founded Preferred Care at Home in 1984 and have since shaped their company into a leader in the home care industry. Both registered nurses, the partners used their unique expertise to craft a business model that would comprehensively cover the needs of seniors requiring at-home assistance. In 2007, they took their concept to the franchise market and now there are at least 60 units in operation.

Start-up Cost: $57.5K - 79.5K



Qualicare offers healthcare solutions for people struggling with life’s changes due to medical events. They help people stay at home when faced with acute or chronic illness or when challenged by aging. Qualicare provides guidance, support, hourly or live-in care and private nursing services.

Start-up Cost: $49.2K - 95.7K


Right at Home Inc.

Allen Hager founded Right at Home in 1995 in Omaha Nebraska. Hager had worked as a hospital administrator and witnessed the frustration when an elderly patient tried to return to normal living after a hospital stay. Many of these people, Hager observed, could easily continue to live independent lives with just a bit of assistance. He began working as a nurse’s assistant, really getting into the trenches of the medical field to understand the need for home care in a more in-depth way. His efforts paid off and the Right at Home franchise is incredibly successful.

Start-up Cost: $64.9K - 111.6K


Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers puts seniors and others in touch with in-home care providers to perform services from nurse visits to Alzheimer’s disease care to basic everyday assistance with chores like shopping and housework. Senior Helpers was founded 2001 and became a franchise in 2005, quickly growing to include over 280 independently operated centers.

Start-up Cost: $74.8K - 98.8K


Seniors Helping Seniors

Philip and Kiran Yocom started Seniors Helping Seniors in 1998 as a way to connect seniors who wanted to help other seniors with nonmedical needs to enable them to live a more independent life. Kiran, who worked with Mother Teresa for more than a decade, infused the venture with her sense of compassion for others. The outfit started franchising in 2006 and now has more than 150 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $80.66K - 117.76K


Synergy HomeCare

Peter Tourian founded Synergy HomeCare in 1999 to provide non healthcare related services for senior citizens, postpartum mothers, disabled individuals, and for others who rely on help from others to help maintain their independence and quality of life. Franchised in 2005, Synergy has grown to include well over 100 operations.

Start-up Cost: $53.3K - 115.3K

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