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7-Eleven Inc.

7-Eleven got its name from the fact that it was once open from 7am to 11pm - unusually extensive hours considering the year was 1946. The story of this high profile brand of convenience stores goes back even further than that, though. In 1927, founder Joe C. Thompson purchased the Southland Company from his former employers. He then opened up several convenience stores and called them Tote’ms. By the time the newly expanded hours and accompanying name change were implemented, Thompson’s franchise had grown substantially and has continued to do so throughout the decades. There are almost 40,000 7-Eleven stores around the globe and now they are all open 24 hours a day.

Start-up Cost: $30.8K - 611.1K


Ace DuraFlo Systems LLC

The first Ace DuraFlo was opened in 1997, providing an innovative plumbing service. The company performs pipe repairs using techniques that do not require expensive and destructive demolition of walls and floors. Customers were thrilled with the idea and the service, and in 2001 the company began offering franchised units. Currently, almost 60 of these specialty repair outlets exist.

Start-up Cost: $36.19K - 410.1K


ACFN-The ATM Franchise Business

ACFN is a collection of just under 200 franchised businesses supplying ATM machines for various establishments, most often hospitality and entertainment service buildings like hotels and fun centers. No experience is required of franchisees, and the company provides the training necessary for successful operation. The company also brokers placement contracts for its franchise owners.

Start-up Cost: $37.79K - 82.97K


Acti-Kare Inc.

Acti-Kare employs caregivers to help senior citizens with all kinds of non-medical needs like transportation, household chores, companionship, and more. The company’s goal is to help aging people maintain their independence and quality of life, while giving family members some relief in helping to care for their loved ones. Almost 40 Acti-Kare franchises have opened since the company’s inception in 2007.

Start-up Cost: $29.75K - 49.75K


Aire-Master of America Inc.

Jerry P. McCauley started Aire-Master in 1958, after creating his own line of restroom deodorizing products as an answer to the mediocre air fresheners he had observed in public restrooms. His firsthand knowledge - he had worked in the janitorial supply industry - afforded him insight that he used to create his business model. Aire-Master franchised in 1976 and through the years has become a network of almost 90 locations.

Start-up Cost: $34.08K - 126.9K


AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services

AmericSpec Home Inspection Services started in 1988 as a home inspection company in Sacramento, California. Almost immediately, the company began selling franchises. In 1996, the brand joined together with the ServiceMaster group of household and property service companies. Other ServiceMaster brands include Terminix, Merry Maids, and TruGreen/ChemLawn.

Start-up Cost: $37.7K - 70.25K


Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness was founded in 2001 on a simple, unique idea - a fully equipped gym open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even when no staff are present. This is achieved through extensive surveillance and security systems installed at every location.They also offer all the perks of traditional gyms, like classes and personal trainers, during certain hours. Anytime Fitness began franchising in 2002, and has grown to encompass more than 1,800 locations around the world.

Start-up Cost: $46.3K - 321.9K


ASP-America’s Swimming Pool Co.

Stewart Vernon founded America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) in 2001 in Macon, Georgia. Vernon’s concept was to provide quick, quality pool care at affordable prices. Since 2005, the company has been a franchised operation and there are now more than 90 successful owner-operated ASP locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $49.2K - 89.5K


Baskin-Robbins USA Co.

Irv Robbins started Baskin-Robbins with his brother-in-law, Burt Baskin in 1945. Robbins had been the manager at an ice cream shop years earlier, and had since wanted to open his own. Eager to break out of the typical ice cream parlor flavor rut of chocolate and vanilla, Robbins created exciting new flavors to the delight of his customers. This evolved into the company’s signature “31 flavor” philosophy. Now, there are around 7,000 Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlors worldwide.

Start-up Cost: $45K - 377.6K


Bevintel LLC

Bevintel provides inventory control services for bars, helping them to reduce losses. It was founded in 1987 and began franchising three years later. By using specialized software and auditing techniques, Bevintel helps proprietors of liquor, beer, and wine to more closely monitor their stock and prevent profit loss. There are almost 300 Bevintel franchises.

Start-up Cost: $36.9K - 50.6K


Billboard Connection Inc.

Billboard Connection serves a specific niche in the marketing sector: outdoor media, like signage. Founded in 1997, the company helps create eye-catching ad campaigns tailored to fit each client’s objectives and target demographic. More than 100 of these franchised agencies are open today.

Start-up Cost: $42.73K - 66.23K


BookKeeping Express

Bookkeeping Express (BKE) was founded in 1984 in California. The company offered virtual bookkeeping and payroll services to area businesses. The company’s success was almost immediate and it has grown exponentially over the years. In 2007, BKE was purchased by a group of entrepreneurs who brought the company into the franchising market.

Start-up Cost: $39.5K - 47.5K


Caring Transitions

Established and franchised in 2006, Caring Transitions helps in asset liquidation for people in transitional periods of life that can be difficult to navigate. Caring Transitions helps seniors to downsize and relocate when life changes make doing so necessary, such as when moving to a care facility. The company also helps families to manage the sales of estate items when a loved one has passed away. Over 100 of these niche franchises are operating today.

Start-up Cost: $42.48K - 70.68K


CEO Focus

CEO Focus facilitates consulting and advisory communications between small-business owners and executives. The company operates based on a model of sharing knowledge and experience and a belief that the right peer-based resources can help propel a company’s success in a positive direction. Business leaders attend regular meetings with their contemporaries, gaining valuable insight into potential problems and pitfalls facing them in the corporate world.

Start-up Cost: $41.5K - 63K


Certified Restoration DryCleaning Network LLC

Pioneers in their self-created industry, Certified Restoration provides a unique service that has continued to grow in demand. Working primarily with victims of disasters like flood and fire, the company cleans, sanitizes, and restores upholstery, rugs, carpets, curtains and other textile items. Over 140 Certified Restoration franchises currently exist.

Start-up Cost: $43.05K - 233K


Chem-Dry Carpet Drapery & Upholstery Cleaning

Working his way through law school cleaning carpets, Robert Harris probably didn’t imagine that he’d stay in the cleaning business for the rest of his life. He made a fateful decision, however, to see if he could improve upon the mediocre formulas used by the companies he had worked for. Harris’ method worked beautifully, and his services were soon in high demand. He started Chem-Dry in 1977 and was franchising the following year. There are more than 3,600 Chem-Dry outfits in the U.S. and internationally today. Since 2006, Chem-Dry has operated under The Home Depot brand.

Start-up Cost: $27.85K - 122.65K


Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

Club Z! offers customized tutoring solutions for students in the comfort of their own homes. The company provides tutoring for all major school subjects, as well as basic remediation, test preparation, and college application coaching, and more. Club Z! was founded in 1995 and franchised three years later. Now, more than 400 of them help students and their families in the U.S. and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $27.65K - 56.6K


Colors On Parade

Colors On Parade is an on-site auto body service and repair company, performing mobile restoration and beautification services for automobile owners. The company was founded in 1989, and franchises were first made available in 1991. The United States is currently home to more than 200 Colors On Parade franchises.

Start-up Cost: $33.8K - 441K


Complete Music Inc.

Complete Music provides DJ entertainment for all kinds of parties and gatherings, specializing in wedding receptions. In 1974, when Complete Music was founded, DJs were not widely available and audio options at weddings were fairly limited. As the demand for this new party entertainment niche grew, so did the company. Complete Music franchised in 1983 and has seen continued success and growth throughout the decades.

Start-up Cost: $30.35K - 48.65K


Computer Troubleshooters

Suzanne and Wilson McOrist opened Computer Troubleshooters in 1997 in Australia. The company provides computer support for small businesses through more than 450 franchised outlets. Computer Troubleshooters technicians come directly to customers, providing on-site computer and IT solutions.

Start-up Cost: $28.8K - 81.5K

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