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1-800-DryClean is a dry cleaning pickup and delivery service operating through 108 independently owned franchises. The company also offers tailoring services, wedding dress preservation, shoe repair, leather cleaning and more. 1-800-DryClean is a part of the Service Brands group of companies alongside fellow service industry chains Mr. Handyman and Molly Maid.

Start-up Cost: $69.9K - 92.45K



Allison and Barry Bodiford founded 360clean in 2005. Initially, the company provided janitorial services to businesses on a part time basis. Since then, the company has grown at an impressive rate and is now a top janitorial services franchise. There are 40 U.S. locations run by franchisees and the company is projecting continued expansion into the future. 360clean strives to set itself apart from its competitors by paying close attention to sanitation and germ control.

Start-up Cost: $13.1K - 23.6K


7-Eleven Inc.

7-Eleven got its name from the fact that it was once open from 7am to 11pm - unusually extensive hours considering the year was 1946. The story of this high profile brand of convenience stores goes back even further than that, though. In 1927, founder Joe C. Thompson purchased the Southland Company from his former employers. He then opened up several convenience stores and called them Tote’ms. By the time the newly expanded hours and accompanying name change were implemented, Thompson’s franchise had grown substantially and has continued to do so throughout the decades. There are almost 40,000 7-Eleven stores around the globe and now they are all open 24 hours a day.

Start-up Cost: $30.8K - 611.1K


AArrow Advertising

AArrow provides a unique marketing service to commercial clients. The company uses a direct, eye-catching technique it calls “sign spinning.” Trained “spinners” execute choreographed moves using a logo-adorned sign as a prop. The fresh take on direct advertising is gaining popularity and AArow has quickly grown to include 39 locations.

Start-up Cost: $36.88K - 80.02K


ABC Inc.

ABC is a franchised group of siding sales and installation companies operating across the United States. The company was initially a general remodeling outfit before narrowing its focus on siding and gutters. Founder Gerald Beyers started the company in 1973 and it has since become a network of about 115 individual locations.

Start-up Cost: $81K - 207.5K


Accessible Home Health Care

Accessible Home Health Care is an in-home care company providing help for clients of every age. The company exists today due to the efforts of Mirella Salem, who felt that there was a lot of unfulfilled need in the home care industry. Salem pitched her idea to Accessible Healthcare Services and convinced them to establish their Home Health Care Division, of which Salem is now president. Accessible is popular among franchisees for its high level of involvement with owners.

Start-up Cost: $93.5K - 123K


Ace DuraFlo Systems LLC

The first Ace DuraFlo was opened in 1997, providing an innovative plumbing service. The company performs pipe repairs using techniques that do not require expensive and destructive demolition of walls and floors. Customers were thrilled with the idea and the service, and in 2001 the company began offering franchised units. Currently, almost 60 of these specialty repair outlets exist.

Start-up Cost: $36.19K - 410.1K


ACFN-The ATM Franchise Business

ACFN is a collection of just under 200 franchised businesses supplying ATM machines for various establishments, most often hospitality and entertainment service buildings like hotels and fun centers. No experience is required of franchisees, and the company provides the training necessary for successful operation. The company also brokers placement contracts for its franchise owners.

Start-up Cost: $37.79K - 82.97K


Acti-Kare Inc.

Acti-Kare employs caregivers to help senior citizens with all kinds of non-medical needs like transportation, household chores, companionship, and more. The company’s goal is to help aging people maintain their independence and quality of life, while giving family members some relief in helping to care for their loved ones. Almost 40 Acti-Kare franchises have opened since the company’s inception in 2007.

Start-up Cost: $29.75K - 49.75K



ActionCoach is a consulting firm providing coaching and counseling to help businesses achieve success through strategy and balance. Established by Brad Sugar in 1993 in Brisbane Australia, there are over 1,000 ActionCoach centers worldwide teaching techniques to help business operate more efficiently.

Start-up Cost: $82.5K - 490.03K



AdvantaClean was founded in 1994 to provide cleaning and restoration services to homeowners and businesses. The company trains technicians at its vast facility, located at the company’s headquarters in Huntersville, North Carolina. A franchised operation since 2006, there are nearly 100 independently owned AdvantaCleans in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $79.5K - 110.73K



AdviCoach provides coaching and training for small and medium-sized businesses. The company helps to improve intra-office communication, productivity and efficiency, and marketing strategies through proven business management strategies. The company was formed and franchised in 2002, and now has around 70 locations throughout the U.S.

Start-up Cost: $67.2K - 77.05K


Aerowest/Westair Deodorizing Services

Aerowest/Westair makes its own line of restroom sanitizing and deodorizing products. The company distributes these through its own warehouses, many of which are independently owned and operated by franchisees. Commercial clients contract the company to regularly service their public and private restrooms with their specialty collection of supplies.

Start-up Cost: $8.47K - 49.87K


Aire Serv LLC

Aire Serv is a part of the Dwyer Group, which includes names such as Glass Doctor, Mr. Rooter, and Rainbow International. Aire Serv provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services including troubleshooting, repairs, and replacement. Air Serv caters to both residential and commercial clients through its more than 180 locations in the U.S. and other countries around the world.

Start-up Cost: $74.6K - 197.4K


Aire-Master of America Inc.

Jerry P. McCauley started Aire-Master in 1958, after creating his own line of restroom deodorizing products as an answer to the mediocre air fresheners he had observed in public restrooms. His firsthand knowledge - he had worked in the janitorial supply industry - afforded him insight that he used to create his business model. Aire-Master franchised in 1976 and through the years has become a network of almost 90 locations.

Start-up Cost: $34.08K - 126.9K


Always Best Care Senior Services

The founder of Always Best, Michael Newman, started his business after almost 20 years of working in the assisted living industry. Newman used his insights and experience to form the model for his own nonmedical care company. Always Best strives to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for seniors in order to help them maintain dignity and independence as long as possible.

Start-up Cost: $50.93K - 90.7K


American Leak Detection

Dick Rennick started American Leak Detection in 1974, providing residential and commercial customers with hidden leak detection through the use of minimally invasive electronic equipment. This allows technicians to find leaks in pipes, pool linings, and other buried or difficult to reach places without having to use destructive excavation methods.

Start-up Cost: $76.76K - 259.55K


American Poolplayers Association

American Poolplayers Association was founded by two professional pool players, Larry Hubbart and Terry Ball. The two wanted to give amateur billiards enthusiasts the chance to compete in tournament-like competitions. They franchised their organization a year after forming it and now APA (and CPA in Canada) members pay dues to join leagues and participate in elimination contests.

Start-up Cost: $17.08K - 32.65K


AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services

AmericSpec Home Inspection Services started in 1988 as a home inspection company in Sacramento, California. Almost immediately, the company began selling franchises. In 1996, the brand joined together with the ServiceMaster group of household and property service companies. Other ServiceMaster brands include Terminix, Merry Maids, and TruGreen/ChemLawn.

Start-up Cost: $37.7K - 70.25K


Anago Cleaning Systems

In 1989 David Povlitz opened the first Anago Cleaning Systems office in Florida. With 15 years of experience in the janitorial industry under his belt, Povlitz developed a system outlining efficient, detailed cleaning methods that enabled Anago cleaning teams to effectively serve very large commercial clients. In 1991, Povlitz began selling franchises which have continued to be successful. There are now more than 2,200 Anago Cleaning Systems in operation across the United States.

Start-up Cost: $8.54K - 65.41K

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