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L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Eddie flores, Jr. and Johnson Kam founded L&L Hawaiian Barbecue (then called L&L Drive-Inn) in 1976 in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1988, the two franchised their business hoping the Hawaiian-style eatery would be well-received on the mainland. It was, and today there are more than 180 franchised locations in the United States and abroad.

Start-up Cost: $129.6K - 520.4K


Labor Finders

Labor finders is an industrial staffing company that helps companies fill positions in several industries including hospitality, trucking, labor, and payroll. The company was founded and franchised in 1975 by entrepreneur Newton Burnett. There are currently more than 180 independently owned Labor Finders locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $120.06K - 206.58K


LaRosa’s Inc.

Buddy LaRosa opened his first pizza shop in 1967, using his Sicilian family’s recipe. The pizza restaurant industry was practically non-existent in the United States at the time, but Buddy was sure that if people could try his authentic pizza they’d be back for more. He was right, and LaRosa’s has turned into a steadily-growing franchise that includes more than 60 locations.

Start-up Cost: $1M - 2.45M


LaVida Massage

The first LaVida Massage center was opened in 2006 in Brighton, Michigan. The center was voted best in the area after just one year in business, and the company began to expand from there. The founders of LaVida had already created and run a successful franchise operation and built their newest venture on a foundation of providing service that could not be outsourced, was in high demand, and did not require a lot of overhead cost for operators to be successful.

Start-up Cost: $145.25K - 260K


Lawn Doctor

Through over 450 independently owned franchises around the U.S. Lawn Doctor provides lawn care services including pest control, tree care, and regular yard maintenance. In 1967, Lawn Doctor was a very small outfit operating out of a room in a hardware store. The idea was so popular with customers that franchised locations started opening up that very year, setting the stage for the ongoing growth that Lawn Doctor would see in the coming decades.

Start-up Cost: $64.64K - 79.74K


Leadership Management Inc.

Leadership Management Incorporated (LMI) is a group of franchises that provide programs to help hone executive and managerial skills in employees. The company was started by Paul J. Meyer in 1965 and franchised the same year. The LMI family now includes more than 500 offices in over 69 countries.

Start-up Cost: $35K - 42.5K


Learning Express

Sharon DiMinico developed the concept for Learning Express in 1987, using her experience as a parent and in the retail sales industry to create a unique specialty toy shop in her home state of Massachusetts. DiMinico’s store carried unique specialty educational games and toys for children. In 1990, Learning Express was taken into the franchise market and has since grown into the largest specialty toy store franchise in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $209.5K - 298K



Learning Rx was formed in 2002 by Dr. Ken Gibson after years of experience in creating learning remediation and supplementation programs. Training programs center primarily on memory, reading, and increasing mental focus. Gibson and his business partners franchised the learning center in 2003 and now nearly 75 of them are in operation in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $104K - 205K


Ledo Pizza System Inc.

An East Coast USA mainstay, Ledo Pizza has been serving its signature square-shaped pizzas to satisfied customers since 1955. The first Ledo was opened in Adelphi, Maryland. The company started franchising in 1989 to further grow its already successful collection of restaurants. There are 100 Ledo Pizza kitchens cooking today.

Start-up Cost: $126.25K - 442K


Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service was started by John Hewitt, who is also the founder of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. He acquired the company from a Canadian franchise that had been operating successfully since 1973. Hewitt expanded the business throughout Canada and into the United States and there are now around 2,500 Liberty Tax Service centers in both countries.

Start-up Cost: $56.8K - 69.9K


Lil’ Angels Photography

Dan Wilmoth and Jim Palmer started Lil’ Angels Photography in 1996. Both armed with decades of professional photography experience, they formed the model for a specialized photography business focusing on children’s portraiture. The company travels to schools and daycare centers - complete with props and dress up attire, if requested - to take pictures of kids. More than 75 Lil’ Angels franchises operate in the United States today.

Start-up Cost: $46.7K - 51.2K


Line-X Franchise Development Co.

Founded in 1993, Line-X is a spray-on bedliner company. The company’s polymer-based formula adheres immediately and permanently to truck beds and other surfaces, creating a durable protective layer that is resistant to damage from the elements. The company began selling franchises in 1999 and since that time has grown into a healthy network of nearly 500 locations.

Start-up Cost: $126.75K - 266.5K


Long John Silver’s Restaurants Inc.

Named after a pirate in the Robert Louis Stevenson classic “Treasure Island,” Long John Silver’s first opened in 1969 in Lexington, Kentucky. The nautical-themed fish restaurant served up fried seafood fast-food style. The brand has undergone many changes over the years but each of its nearly 1,000 locations retains the distinctive seaside look and menu.

Start-up Cost: $833K - 1.43M

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