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Maaco Franchising Inc.

Daniel I. Rhode and Anthony A Martino started Maaco in 1972. The name was created using Martino’s initials. He had used this strategy in naming another venture - called AAMCO - he had started with former partner, Robert Morgan. (Morgan eventually bought Martino out of his share of the AAMCO brand). Maaco provides budget auto body and painting services with a quick turnaround time. Almost 500 Maaco franchises are in operation today.

Start-up Cost: $110.18K - 472.47K



Magicuts is a part of the Regis Corp. family of hair salons, which includes Cost Cutters and Supercuts. Magicuts are located exclusively inside Zeller’s, a top Canadian department store. The franchise was established in 1981 and the convenient walk-in hair salon has remained popular; there are now just under 200 Magicuts locations in Canada. The shops offer a full array of salon services.

Start-up Cost: $138K - 204.5K


Maid Brigade

Bart Puett and Don Hay started Maid Brigade in 1979. They began selling franchises the following year. Maid Brigade has seen continued success providing basic and specialty cleaning services for residential customers around the United States, Canada, and in parts of Ireland. The brand led the eco-friendly cleaning revolution by becoming the first ever Green Certified residential cleaning company in the U.S.

Start-up Cost: $85K - 124K


Maid To Perfection

In 1980, what would one day become the a global cleaning franchise was formed under the name Midy Tidy. The company incorporated in 1983, and changed its name to Maid To Perfection in 1990. The brand is now comprised of more than 300 U.S. and Canadian locations providing commercial and residential cleaning for thousands of customers.

Start-up Cost: $57.03K - 62.64K



MaidPro was started by Mark Kushinsky and Richard Sparacio in 1991. Kushinsky had recently hired three separate cleaning services to clean his home and was disappointed with every one. Not only had his house been cleaned poorly, the customer service was also bad. This experience prompted him to start his own cleaning company. Following Kushinsky’s regimented cleaning and customer service model, MaidPro grew into the network of over 180 franchises that it is today.

Start-up Cost: $10.81K - 103.96K


Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery was started by a pair of chefs in 1983, and entered the franchise market the following year. The ice cream shop offers unique flavors to customers. Candies, fruit, and other toppings are folded in over a frozen slab of marble. The stores also stock a wide variety of other sweets and desserts. More than 360 Marble Slab locations dot the map across the United States.

Start-up Cost: $250.09K - 403.14K


Marco’s Franchising LLC

Marco’s was started as a pizza parlor by Italian immigrant Pasquale Giammarco in Toledo, Ohio. Giammarco had grown up working in his family’s own pizza parlor. Armed with his family recipes, his years of experience, and a passion to share authentic pizza with more people, poured himself into the Marco’s project. With over 200 stores in the U.S. and Bahamas, the Marco’s franchise is still going strong.

Start-up Cost: $179.5K - 349K


Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Martinizing Dry Cleaning is an one-hour dry cleaning franchise with more than 450 locations. The term “martinizing” comes from Henry Martin. Martin was a chemist who created a non-flammable method for dry cleaning garments. This revolutionized the industry, since customers would no longer have to wait days for their clothes to be sent to an off-site facility.

Start-up Cost: $365K - 657.9K


Massage Envy

The idea behind Massage Envy was that by creating a membership system, patrons could be offered the therapeutic benefits of massage for much less than traditional spas and massage parlors. There are now 600 Massage Envy locations in the United States, each with professionally trained massage therapists on staff.

Start-up Cost: $352K - 569K


Massage Heights

Massage Heights is a massage center that operates on a monthly membership system, where clients pay a flat rate and are given access to services in return. Individual massages can also be purchased. The company was founded in 2004 in San Antonio, Texas and offered as a franchise the next year. Now, the chain is inclusive of nearly 80 functioning locations.

Start-up Cost: $222.1K - 561.15K


Match Point

Match Point is a franchise consultancy with a difference and stands alone by offering unique services resulting in better informed franchise candidates, personal franchise profiling, and professional franchise consultants.

Start-up Cost: $49.1K-95.5K


Matco Tools

The very first Matco shop appeared back in 1946. Eventually, the company began directly selling tools, equipment, and toolboxes to mechanics and backyard tinkerers alike through franchised distributorships. The idea was to provide access to industrial grade tools to anyone who wanted to be able to purchase the best equipment available for automotive repair and maintenance. The concept caught on and Matco has continued to grow. Now there are authorized Matco dealerships in each of the 50 United States, with additional locations in both Canada and Puerto Rico.

Start-up Cost: $82.78K - 216.82K


Mathnasium Learning Centers

Larry Martinek started Mathnasium in 2002 to help kids perform better in math through enhanced understanding of the underlying concepts. As a parent, teacher, and educational consultant Martinek saw ways to help students to master mathematical concepts through remedial learning. Martinek quickly made a name for himself, as did Mathnasium, and the company began franchising in 2003. There are over 500 of the learning centers serving students today.

Start-up Cost: $93.25K - 131K


Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies

Jeff and Jill Summerhayes started Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee & Smoothies in 1983. The fresh fruit smoothie idea was fairly new to the general public, and consumers loved it. The two joined forces with Michael Haith, an experienced food-industry businessman, and took the company to the franchising market. Now, more than 230 of these smoothie and coffee shops serving U.S. customers and the company is a regular on top franchise lists.

Start-up Cost: $42.2K - 250K


Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Max Muscle was established in 1990 and began selling franchised locations in 2001. The company provides a variety of weight-loss and nutrition products including supplements, vitamins, weight-loss formulas, athletic apparel, and industry literature. Max Muscle currently has 100 locations in the United States, with plans to open hundreds more over the next five years.

Start-up Cost: $122.5K - 296.7K



Ray Kroc, then a young salesman, visited a California hamburger stand in 1954 to sell milkshake mixers. The restaurant, run by brothers Mac & Dick McDonald, was known for providing its customers with rapid service by running 8 milkshake machines at once. Kroc, seeing a great opportunity, encouraged the two to partner with him and franchise their business. The McDonald brothers agreed and their name has since become one of the most well known and recognized brands in the world, synonymous with hamburgers, fries, and shakes served up with consistency and speed.

Start-up Cost: $1.07M - 1.89M


Meineke Car Care Centers

In 1972, a man by the name of Sam Meineke opened his first garage with the idea that people would come back again and again if he provided them with inexpensive exhaust service without compromising quality. He was right, and Meineke began franchising his exhaust service centers that same year. Meineke is still a sought-after franchise, and there are nearly 1,000 Meineke service centers.

Start-up Cost: $187.59K - 336.88K



The first Menchie’s frozen yogurt shop was opened in Valley Village, California in 1987 by founders Sergei Dimitroff and Vladomir Suvarov. The company franchised in 2008 and has grown to include nearly 100 locations. The Menchie’s concept is a little different than most similar shops. Customers create their own frozen yogurt sundae and pay based on how much it weighs. Menchie’s also makes its own line of yogurt.

Start-up Cost: $170K - 574.79K


Merry Maids

Merry Maids was started by Dallen Peterson in Omaha, Nebraska in 1979. With the help of his family, Peterson grew the company quickly and by 1988 was able to sell his successful franchise to ServiceMaster, a network of home service companies. The name has continued to grow and Merry Maids franchises number around 1,500.

Start-up Cost: $55.35K - 73.85K


Microtel Inns & Suites

Microtel was the first of any major hotel chain to offer long distance phone service and complimentary internet access to its guests, both of which are now standard in the lodging industry. The first Microtel was opened in 1988 in Rochester, New York and the franchise is now 300 locations strong.

Start-up Cost: $4.81M - 7.18M

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