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Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Founder Todd Hopkins started Office Pride Commercial Cleaning in 1992. His business model was one of integrity and exemplary work ethics. Employees are expected to hold themselves to high standards of honesty and sense of purpose. Office Pride entered the franchising arena in 1996, and has steadily grown into the more than 120 independent operations it is today.

Start-up Cost: $14.9K - 59K


Oil Can Henry’s

Marshall Stevens founded Oil Can Henry’s in Tigard, Oregon in 1978. In 1988, Stevens sold the name to an entrepreneurial group seeking to franchise the company. Since then, Oil Can Henry’s has become a network of almost 90 locations - some of which are still owned by Marshall Stevens himself.

Start-up Cost: $235.89K - 297.93K


Once Upon A Child

Once Upon A Child buys and sells new and slightly used kids’ items. Parents can bring in their gently used children’s items - like toys, cribs, clothes, and more - and get cash back for them. These items are meticulously inspected for safety and thoroughly cleaned before being resold at a discounted price.

Start-up Cost: $204.2K - 309.5K



Formed and franchised in 1983, OpenWorks provides cleaning and maintenance for commercial customers. The OpenWorks building maintenance concept is one that seeks to create quantifiable value in the form of increased productivity and more streamlined operations through efficient cleaning and maintenance programs. Today, around 300 OpenWorks franchises are in operation.

Start-up Cost: $16.45K - 119.95K


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

The Orange Leaf model is one meant to appeal to everyone. Believing that most people, even while desiring to be more health conscious, will choose a creamy frozen treat over a fruit and vitamin smoothie. The founders decided to address this phenomenon by creating frozen yogurt that is not only sweet and indulgent, but also healthy. Orange Leaf has grown impressively since it began franchising in 2009, and there are now more than 120 locations.

Start-up Cost: $272.5K - 405.5K


Oxi Fresh Franchising Co.

Oxi Fresh provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services to business and residential customers via more than 200 franchised operations throughout the United States. Businessman Jonathan Barnett founded the company in 2006 and immediately began selling franchises. Oxi Fresh uses non-toxic ingredients in their formula and. They also offer tile and grout cleaning.

Start-up Cost: $34.63K - 57.01K

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