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John Scardapane founded Saladworks in 1986. Scardapane, a chef himself, wanted to offer busy customers with healthy dining options. He knew he was taking a risk by introducing a salad restaurant into an industry dominated by burgers and fries, but believed his idea would pay off. Sure enough, customers loved it and the first Saladworks was wildly popular. Today, more than 100 franchised Saladworks locations serve made-to-order salads as well as sandwiches and soup.

Start-up Cost: $343.8K - 494.03K


Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

Salsarita’s is a chain of cantina-style Mexican restaurants operating in the United States and its territories. It was first opened in 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina with a simple business model that includes serving fresh, high quality food in a friendly and casual environment. There are 80 Salsarita’s restaurants operating at present.

Start-up Cost: $317.5K - 607.5K


Sandler Training

David Sandler founded Sandler Training in 1967. Sandler used methods he developed himself to create sales training models, consulting with businesses to help them devise strategies to increase their sales. He began selling franchises in 1983, and the company has since seen incredible levels of growth. There are currently over 230 Sandler Training franchises in the world.

Start-up Cost: $83.15K - 99.75K


School of Rock

Musician Paul Green started what would become School of Rock in 1998, giving music lessons in his home. Two years later, he opened a dedicated space for his thriving business, dubbing it Paul Green’s School of Rock. Before long Green shortened the name and started franchising, and the brand grow quickly. There are currently 70 School of Rock franchises teaching music to students in the U.S.

Start-up Cost: $115.65K - 321.7K


Sears Home & Business Franchises Inc.

Sears Home Business Franchises is a collection of related companies providing a variety of home services. Service providers in this network include appliance repair companies, carpet cleaning outfits, duct and vent cleaning services, and more. All operate under the Sears name and build trusting relationships with clients to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty.

Start-up Cost: $11.03K - 191.55K


SeekingSitters Franchise System Inc.

SeekingSitter provides parents with peace of mind in filling their child care needs. Customers can sign up for the company’s online service, where they enter the time and date they need a babysitter. SeekingSitter then matches them with an available child care professional. All care providers are rigorously screened prior to their employment with the up-and-coming young franchise of which there are more than 50.

Start-up Cost: $40.6K - 68.73K


Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers puts seniors and others in touch with in-home care providers to perform services from nurse visits to Alzheimer’s disease care to basic everyday assistance with chores like shopping and housework. Senior Helpers was founded 2001 and became a franchise in 2005, quickly growing to include over 280 independently operated centers.

Start-up Cost: $74.8K - 98.8K


Seniors Helping Seniors

Philip and Kiran Yocom started Seniors Helping Seniors in 1998 as a way to connect seniors who wanted to help other seniors with nonmedical needs to enable them to live a more independent life. Kiran, who worked with Mother Teresa for more than a decade, infused the venture with her sense of compassion for others. The outfit started franchising in 2006 and now has more than 150 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $80.66K - 117.76K


ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMasterClean, which today consists of some 5,000 franchised operations, is a subsidiary of the ServiceMaster brand. Other members of the ServiceMaster family include Merry Maids, Terminix, TruGreen, American Home Shield, AmeriSpec Inspection Service, and Furniture Medic. ServiceMasterClean has been in business since 1952.

Start-up Cost: $47.86K - 168.92K



Servpro evolved from a Sacramento, California based painting business started in 1967 by husband and wife Ted and Doris Isaacson. In 1969, the two franchised the brand and expanded their company’s services to include cleaning and restoration for homes damaged by fires, floods, and other disasters. By 1979, they had acquired Bristol-Meyers Domesticare brand, which included 175 existing franchises. In 1988, Servpro moved its headquarters to Gallatin, Tennessee where they now oversee more than 1500 franchises providing specialized restoration processes to homeowners and businesses across the United States and parts of Canada.

Start-up Cost: $133.05K - 181.45K


ShelfGenie Franchise Systems LLC

ShelfGenie was started in Richmond, Virginia in 2000. The company sells its trademarked Glide-Out shelving solutions through more than 130 stores in the United States. Their products transform existing storage spaces like cabinets and closets, creating more usable space and ease of access in customers’ homes.

Start-up Cost: $70.1K - 125.25K



Showhomes provides staging for vacant homes to make them more appealing to potential buyers. Working for both realtors and homeowners, Showhomes experts transform empty spaces into attractive, inviting areas that are much more likely to pique the interest of house-hunters. They also offer home management services, including yard maintenance. First started in 1985, the company started franchising in 1994 and now includes more than 75 independently owned units.

Start-up Cost: $43.3K - 82K


Sign-A-Rama Inc.

Sign-A-Rama was started in 1986 by entrepreneur Ray Titus in West Palm Beach, Florida. Using graphic design and printing software, Titus was able to offer fast, precise results with a very low turnover time. There are nearly 800 Sign-A-Rama locations all over the world, and the brand continues to grow.

Start-up Cost: $64.76K - 224.68K


Signal 88 Security

Shea Degan, a sheriff’s deputy, started Signal 88 in 2003. As a law enforcement officer, Degan saw the way criminals were able to exploit the lack of after-hours security at offices, warehouses, and other places of business. Shea’s original security force consisted of solely off-duty officers, but eventually expanded to include trained civilians in order to be able to offer extended hours and more affordable rates to customers. Franchised in 2008, there are now some 80 Signal 88 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $85.21K - 105.01K


Signs By Tomorrow

Signs By Tomorrow specializes in quick-service signage and graphic imagery for commercial and individual customers. The company first opened in 1986, and was franchised the next year. Signs By Tomorrow was started by founder Joseph McGuinness and has been incredibly successful, growing to include over 150 U.S. locations to date.

Start-up Cost: $146.9K - 230.7K


Signs Now

The first Signs Now shop opened in Austin, Texas in 1983. The company incorporated in 1986, and began selling franchises. The company creates signs, graphics, and digital media for clients using cutting edge technology and quick turnover methods. With almost 200 locations in the United States, Canada and the U.K. Signs Now has consistently been a top performing franchise.

Start-up Cost: $169.83K - 333.32K


Sir Grout Franchising LLC

Sir Grout provides a number of flooring cleaning and restoration services. Using state-of-the-art formulas and methods, many grouting and restoration jobs can be finished and dry within one day. Sir Grout also offers a sandless wood floor restoration process. So far, there are 24 Sir Grouts open in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $73.04K - 120.19K


Sir Speedy Inc.

Sir Speedy started up in 1968 in Costa Mesa, California. The franchise was an instant hit and by 1977 Kampgrounds of America purchased the successful name. Sir Speedy is still under KOA ownership and provides all kinds of printing, duplicating, and marketing services to customers through more than 350 locations.

Start-up Cost: $218.04K - 268.04K


Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Capitalizing off the multi-billion dollar pet care industry, Sit Means Sit sells dog training franchises in the United States and is looking to expand into Canada. The company trains its franchisees extensively in all of the latest techniques. Sit Means Sit businesses are home-based and there are more than 50 independently owned franchises so far.

Start-up Cost: $11.5K - 81.85K


Slumberland Franchising Inc.

Slumberland first opened in 1967 in Minnesota. The store specialized in comfort furniture items, like mattresses and reclining chairs. The inventory has expanded over the years and Slumberland carries all kinds of home furnishings. The outfit started selling franchises in 1974 and there are now more than 120 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $494K - 2.08M

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