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Tax Centers of America

Founded in 1992 in Russellville, Arkansas, Tax Centers of America provides bookkeeping and tax services, as well as electronic filing services, for customers across more than 20 states through more than 400 locations. The Tax Centers of America concept is heavy on fast service and thoughtful and enthusiastic attention to each customer’s needs.

Start-up Cost: $20.1K - 63.75K


TGA Premier Junior Golf

TGA Premier Junior Golf provides golf-centered programs for kids, mostly at schools and recreation centers. The TGA curriculum was developed by experts in both golf and education to give kids optimal advantage from the program. Classes are crafted for various age groups from 3 through 16. The TGA franchise is currently at 50 locations throughout the United States. The programs integrate academic lessons with golf drills.

Start-up Cost: $13.15K - 62.2K


The Alternative Board (TAB)

The Alternative Board (TAB) was founded in 1980 in St. Louis, Missouri by Allen E. Fishman. The company facilitates collaborative meetings between executives and business owners. These regular sessions are intended to help each member by allowing him or her to benefit from the knowledge of experienced peers in the business world. There are presently around 150 TAB franchises operating today.

Start-up Cost: $56.82K - 112.98K


The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority was established in 1977 in the Baltimore-Washington area. The concept included using teams for more efficient home cleaning. Entrepreneurs Tim Evankovich and Steve Robinson purchased the company in 1989 and began selling franchises in 1996. The two have continued to operate based on the original model, and have implemented new elements like a dedication to using more green cleaning methods and products.

Start-up Cost: $85.66K - 133.46K


The Dentist’s Choice

The Dentist’s Choice sells, repairs and maintains dental equipment. The company was first started in 1992 and began franchising in 1994. Independently owned locations work with dental offices to provide repair to drills and other handheld dental tools and devices. There are over 130 Dentist’s Choice franchises in the United States and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $54.4K - 58.5K


The Entrepreneur’s Source

This successful franchises gives people tools and strategies to be more successful franchisees. Through thorough research and interview processes, The Entrepreneur’s Source puts clients together with the franchise opportunity that is most suited to their individual personality, circumstances, and goals. The company was started in 1984 by Terry Powell, and became a franchise itself in 1997. The firm charges a fee to franchisors to be listed among the companies it recommends to clients.

Start-up Cost: $67.2K - 77.05K


The Glass Guru

Roseville, California was home to the first Glass Guru location, opened in 2004. Glass Guru turned franchise in 2007 and now has more than 50 units and counting. The company offers a unique moisture removal service for dual-pane windows that saves the cost and waste of replacement.

Start-up Cost: $24.69K - 93.99K


The Growth Coach

Through workshops, individual coaching, and other training techniques, The Growth Coach helps small businesses work more effectively and efficiently. The company is comprised of over 150 franchises. Growth Coach representatives help to motivate employees by mapping out goals and providing support & mentoring.

Start-up Cost: $52K - 81.9K


The Mad Science Group

The Mad Science Group provides educational entertainment for groups and parties. The company’s founders are brothers Ron and Ariel Shein, who built the concept around a desire to share how fun science can be with kids. As boys the Sheins had been passionate about creating exciting science experiments, and they used this passion to fuel their new business. The idea was a hit and by 1996, the Sheins sought to further the reach of their company by selling franchises. Now, The Mad Science Group has more than 160 individual operations.

Start-up Cost: $49.4K - 80.2K


The Maids

Daniel J. Bishop started The Maids after achieving success as a young businessman with Bishop Building Service, a janitorial company. Bishop developed a model for efficient cleaning, including 4-person teams and step-by-step work methods. In 1995, The Maids brand took on a new dimension as it began to offer healthier and more environmentally friendly services. The Maids continues to be a top franchise, with over 1,100 operations in the United States and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $93.55K - 121.3K


The Screenmobile

Screenmobile provides on-site screen repair and replacement for windows, doors, awnings, pool enclosures, and more. They carry an array of specialty screen products, including insect control screens, sun-blocking screens, and heavy-duty screens to more effectively stand up to kids and pets. The company was started in 1982 and the first franchise was sold two years later. There are now around 85 U.S. Screenmobile franchises.

Start-up Cost: $74.9K - 105.2K


The Senior’s Choice Inc.

The Senior’s Choice has been around since 1994, providing non-medical care for seniors and others. The group helps with daily activities, household chores, errands, companionship, specialized Alzheimer’s care, and other things that enable seniors to live in independence longer. The company franchised in 2007 and has grown to include nearly 175 locations.

Start-up Cost: $54K - 71K


The Utility Company

The Utility Company provides small businesses with tech services. Part of the company’s unique model is to be proactive and anticipate technological problems to eliminate them before they occur. Independently owned franchises - of which there are currently 120 - enroll customers in a flat-rate monthly program that gives them access to support both virtually and in-person, and includes constant monitoring and preventative services.

Start-up Cost: $45.12K - 70.36K


Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Int’l.

Tiger-Rock is a martial arts training school that was founded in 1983 based on the principles set forth by Taekwondo master Won-Kuk Lee. Tiger-Rock operates on a concept that a student, while respecting his instructor to the highest degree, should always seek to be better than him or her. The martial arts training center franchised in 2008 and more than 150 locations now exist in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $61.01K - 127.33K


Touching Hearts At Home

Touching Hearts at Home was founded in 1996 in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota to provide non-medical care services to the elderly and to others in need. The company’s founder is Renae Olafson, who modeled Touching Hearts after the compassionate care provided by her own mother. Olafson took her home care business to the next level in 2007, entering it into the realm of franchise sales and Touching Hearts has since become a favorite home-care franchise opportunity.

Start-up Cost: $47.4K - 67.95K


Transworld Business Advisors

Transworld helps aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to run their businesses more efficiently and more successfully. In addition to its advising services, the company operates as a brokerage for businesses. Transworld is the result of an arrangement between United Franchise Group and Transworld Business Brokerages. Merging these two interrelated services has proved to be a lucrative move for the group and in a few short years Transworld has grown to include nearly 50 franchised units.

Start-up Cost: $52.23K - 97.18K


Travel Leaders

The largest network of travel agencies in North America, the Travel Leaders group includes more than 1,200 separate units providing travel brokering services to clients in the United States. With such a vast network of providers, Travel Leaders franchises are able to give customers customized travel packages at discounted rates.

Start-up Cost: $2.85K - 12.82K


Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor provides in-home educational remediation for school-age children. Families are able to set appointments with tutors, who work one-on-one with kids in their home to help with test preparation, performance improvement, and more. Started in 2001, the company franchised two years later and now there are over 250 independently owned Tutor Doctor locations.

Start-up Cost: $66.5K - 170.45K


Tutoring Club LLC

Tutoring Club provides remediation, instruction, and tutoring for kids from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Tutoring Club coaches help kids to catch up in any or all subjects, with test preparation, memorization, and college application preparation. The company began in 1991 and matured into a successful group of locations that franchised in 1999. There are more than 130 Tutoring Club centers currently open and operational.

Start-up Cost: $26.3K - 126.3K


U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns, which is currently owned by Environmental Care Inc. was founded in 1986 and franchised the next year. The Orlando, Florida-based company provides landscaping solutions, yard care, and maintenance to professional clients throughout the United States. The U.S. Lawns family of franchises includes more than 200 locations.

Start-up Cost: $48.5K - 75.3K

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