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Unishippers Global Logistics LLC

Unishippers Global Logistics was started in 1987 and has since grown to include nearly 300 locations in the United States. The company provides packing and shipping services for customers. Through its partnerships with major package carriers like UPS and Saia, Unishippers is able to provide a variety of shipping options.

Start-up Cost: $46.63K - 610.2K


United States Seamless Inc.

United States Seamless provides siding and gutter sales, repair, and replacement for commercial and residential clients. The company specializes in customization of styles and colors to best fit the client’s needs in regard to function, style, and aesthetics. First founded in 1991 and franchised in 1992, United States Seamless now includes 100 independent units.

Start-up Cost: $46.7K - 108.7K


Valpak Direct Marketing Systems Inc.

Founded in 1968 by Terry Loebal, ValPak Direct Marketing Systems distributes mailer packets filled with coupons for area businesses. The company also provides a similar service via a coupon website. ValPak works through more than 150 independent franchises that sell advertising space to local businesses, helping them to gain exposure within their market.

Start-up Cost: $95.2K - 120.8K


Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems was formed and franchised in 1984 with a customer service oriented approach. The company is based in San Mateo, California and provides training for franchisees. There are more than 2,000 Vanguard Cleaning Systems in operation across the United States and Canada today, serving a wide array of professional clients.

Start-up Cost: $8.08K - 38.1K


Visiting Angels

Jeffrey Johnson started Visiting Angels in 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland. He had previously worked in a nursing home as their Director of Social Work and saw firsthand the need for at-home care and service providers for seniors. In 1998, Johnson teamed up with three colleagues and pushed the Visiting Angels company to the next level, organizing a national franchising plan. Today, there are well over than 400 Visiting Angels franchises.

Start-up Cost: $59.17K - 80.92K


Weed Man

Weed Man started in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 1970 and has since grown to include more than 350 locations in both Canada and the United States. Weed Man provides lawn care, remediation, and maintenance through independently owned franchises. Desmond Rice, the company’s founder, developed the signature preventative and continued care regimen utilized by all Weed Man outlets.

Start-up Cost: $65.98K - 82.94K


Weichert Real Estate Affiliates Inc.

In 1969, Weichert Real Estate was run out of one small office. Now, the company has grown to include around 500 separate offices - some company owned, many independently run franchises. Wiechert operates on a model of extensive customer service, making agents available to customers at nearly all times and creating several avenues through which buyers and sellers can quickly receive answers to their questions and help with their real estate transactions.

Start-up Cost: $50K - 364.7K


Wild Birds Unlimited

Indianapolis was home to the very first Wild Birds Unlimited, started by Jim Carpenter in 1981. The franchise, now including some 300 locations in North America, caters to bird enthusiasts, selling mostly bird feeding products. The company works in partnership with organizations like The Audobon Society and The National Wildlife Federation in an effort to create and conserve bird friendly habitats.

Start-up Cost: $99.83K - 157.34K


WIN Home Inspection

WIN Home Inspection was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1993. WIN soon had offices throughout the Northwest United States, providing home inspection services. WIN locations continued to multiply, and have reached over 180 locations in 30 states. WIN performs standard home inspections, as well as radon testing, mold remediation, and other environmental services.

Start-up Cost: $42.5K - 66.55K


Window Gang

Window Gang evolved from the 1986 summer job of founder Tim McCullen. He turned his part-time venture in to a full scale business, providing services like window washing, vent and gutter cleaning, blind replacement, and more. In 1996, McCullen took his business to the next level and began selling franchises. There are now almost 200 Window Gang locations all along the east coast.

Start-up Cost: $34.35K - 81.1K


Window Genie

Window Genie is a residential service company offering professional high-pressure washing for windows, decks, concrete, siding, and more. The company was started by Richard Nonelle, who opened the first location in 1994 in Cincinnati, Ohio - where it is still headquartered. There are now 156 U.S. Window Genie franchises in operation.

Start-up Cost: $60.7K - 128.6K


Wireless Zone

Founded in 1988 and franchised in 1989, Wireless Zone was opened by Russ Weldon. A visionary of sorts, Weldon saw great potential in the fledgling mobile phone industry. Initially called “The Car Phone Store,” the first incarnation of what would one day be Wireless Zone was located in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Franchising started the next year. After over a decade of success, The Car Phone Store became Wireless Zone.

Start-up Cost: $80.25K - 268.5K


Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express works with small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with air and ground shipping solutions. The Worldwide Express model holds that smaller companies should be able to enjoy the attention and service that had once been reserved for big corporations. The Dallas, Texas based company works through 150 individual franchises operating around the United States.

Start-up Cost: $46K - 364.85K


WSI Internet

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada WSI Internet is an internet service provider operating in almost 90 different countries from nearly 1200 offices. Founded in 1995, when the internet service industry was still a fairly new concept in the business world, WSI provides internet service and solutions to fit residential and commercial clients’ needs.

Start-up Cost: $54.7K - 84.7K


Young Rembrandts Franchise Inc.

Young Rembrandts offers art classes and camps for kids. Founder Bette Fetter started the company in 1988 after seeing the need for art programs geared toward young children. Fetter developed a model for her program and began selling franchises in 1997. More than 80 Young Rembrandts franchises are open today.

Start-up Cost: $40.25K - 48.6K

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