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Merry Maids

Merry Maids was started by Dallen Peterson in Omaha, Nebraska in 1979. With the help of his family, Peterson grew the company quickly and by 1988 was able to sell his successful franchise to ServiceMaster, a network of home service companies. The name has continued to grow and Merry Maids franchises number around 1,500.

Start-up Cost: $55.35K - 73.85K


Mint Condition Franchising Inc.

Mint Condition is a firm that sells cleaning and janitorial franchises. The company provides custodial services for businesses, helping them to maintain their buildings for enhanced health, safety, and productivity. The Mint Condition concept is interactive, and specialists work with clients to tailor specific cleaning and maintenance programs according to their individual needs.

Start-up Cost: $4.89K - 45.4K


Molly Maid

Chris and Adrienne Stringer founded Molly Maid in 1979, opening the company’s first locations in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. By 1984, they had expanded their growing business into the U.S. and there are now more than 600 Molly Maid offices operating in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Molly Maids offers one-time or regularly scheduled residential cleaning services to help give families more time doing things they enjoy.

Start-up Cost: $71.53K - 116.2K


Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Founder Todd Hopkins started Office Pride Commercial Cleaning in 1992. His business model was one of integrity and exemplary work ethics. Employees are expected to hold themselves to high standards of honesty and sense of purpose. Office Pride entered the franchising arena in 1996, and has steadily grown into the more than 120 independent operations it is today.

Start-up Cost: $14.9K - 59K



Formed and franchised in 1983, OpenWorks provides cleaning and maintenance for commercial customers. The OpenWorks building maintenance concept is one that seeks to create quantifiable value in the form of increased productivity and more streamlined operations through efficient cleaning and maintenance programs. Today, around 300 OpenWorks franchises are in operation.

Start-up Cost: $16.45K - 119.95K


Oxi Fresh Franchising Co.

Oxi Fresh provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services to business and residential customers via more than 200 franchised operations throughout the United States. Businessman Jonathan Barnett founded the company in 2006 and immediately began selling franchises. Oxi Fresh uses non-toxic ingredients in their formula and. They also offer tile and grout cleaning.

Start-up Cost: $34.63K - 57.01K


Pressed4Time Inc.

Pressed4Time is a company catering to corporate clients, providing dry cleaning pickup and drop off services for busy working people. Pressed4Time operators create service schedules with participating businesses, picking up customers’ clothing items for cleaning, mending, and other garment care services. The items are then dropped off according to the aforementioned schedule. The company was founded in 1987 by entrepreneur Ken Levinson.

Start-up Cost: $35.91K - 44.81K


Rainbow Int’l. Restoration & Cleaning

Operating as part of The Dwyer Group, Rainbow franchises provide cleaning and restoration services for buildings damaged by flooding, fire, and other disasters. Rainbow locations are on call all day, every day for immediate response to customers. Rainbow also employs certified inspectors who are qualified to properly assess and offer solutions for structural and other damage. Founded in 1981, there are over 300 Rainbow locations in the U.S and internationally.

Start-up Cost: $115.68K - 189.1K


ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMasterClean, which today consists of some 5,000 franchised operations, is a subsidiary of the ServiceMaster brand. Other members of the ServiceMaster family include Merry Maids, Terminix, TruGreen, American Home Shield, AmeriSpec Inspection Service, and Furniture Medic. ServiceMasterClean has been in business since 1952.

Start-up Cost: $47.86K - 168.92K


Steamatic Inc.

Scott Mooring and Bill Blackman started the Steamatic company back in 1948, providing mainly carpet cleaning services to customers. They grew through the years, expanding their list of services to include mold remediation and disaster restoration services. The two started selling franchises in 1967 and Steamatic - which is now owned by Bill Sims - has more than 400 franchises currently in operation.

Start-up Cost: $60.92K - 193.42K


Stratus Building Solutions

Dennis Jarrett and Pete Freese founded Stratus Building Solutions in 2004, using their 20 years of combined experience in the industry to create a professional cleaning company catering to corporate customers. Stratus became a franchise the very next year, and has become known for providing innovative cleaning, maintenance, and security solutions that integrate the latest in environmentally friendly standards and practices.

Start-up Cost: $3.45K - 57.75K



System4 was started as a joint venture between entrepreneurs Edward Hammer and Phil Kubec. Hammer had a number of startups under his belt prior to the founding of System4, including a rental car company. Kubec had run a commercial cleaning outfit. The system4 company now franchises and trains technicians to provide professional janitorial services to clients from over 1,000 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $6.16K - 37.75K


The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority was established in 1977 in the Baltimore-Washington area. The concept included using teams for more efficient home cleaning. Entrepreneurs Tim Evankovich and Steve Robinson purchased the company in 1989 and began selling franchises in 1996. The two have continued to operate based on the original model, and have implemented new elements like a dedication to using more green cleaning methods and products.

Start-up Cost: $85.66K - 133.46K


The Maids

Daniel J. Bishop started The Maids after achieving success as a young businessman with Bishop Building Service, a janitorial company. Bishop developed a model for efficient cleaning, including 4-person teams and step-by-step work methods. In 1995, The Maids brand took on a new dimension as it began to offer healthier and more environmentally friendly services. The Maids continues to be a top franchise, with over 1,100 operations in the United States and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $93.55K - 121.3K


Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems was formed and franchised in 1984 with a customer service oriented approach. The company is based in San Mateo, California and provides training for franchisees. There are more than 2,000 Vanguard Cleaning Systems in operation across the United States and Canada today, serving a wide array of professional clients.

Start-up Cost: $8.08K - 38.1K


Zips Dry Cleaners

Zips is a franchised group of dry cleaning stores in the United States. The company got its start in 1996 as a collection of small dry cleaning businesses in the Baltimore-Washington area. The idea was to provide quick dry cleaning while keeping prices low. Since then, Zips has grown into 30 locations operating on the same principles as the early cooperative.

Start-up Cost: $616.15K - 778.5K

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