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Founded in 2005 and franchised in 2006, Cybertary provides virtual office assistant services for businesses. Clients are assigned account managers who match them with qualified assistants based on their specific needs. The unique idea is popular, providing business owners a way to have projects completed on an as-needed basis. Over 20 Cybertary franchises exist at present, and the idea seems to be catching on as the company is predicting continued growth into the future.

Start-up Cost: $39.5K - 78.5K



E.nopi comes from Korea, and now has more than 900 learning centers in several countries. The education model, created by Dr. Young Joong Kang, focuses on individualized learning customized to each child’s unique learning style. E.nopi operates with a multi-faceted approach, incorporating the use of several different tools and aids in its tutoring programs.

Start-up Cost: $43.1K - 89.5K


Eagle Tax

Eagle Tax is a tax preparation and filing company providing in person as well as online services to its customers. Eagle works to create a recognizable brand to help franchise owners to attract the most possible customers. The company was founded and franchised in 2007, quickly growing to include 27 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $36.6K - 79.1K


Fast-teks On-site Computer Services

Fast-teks On-site Computer Service has been operating since 2004, and franchising since 2007. Fast-teks make house calls, coming directly to customers. The company employs web developers, IT experts, and repair technicians to offer a variety of computer services to individuals and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

Start-up Cost: $36.46K - 62.26K


Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax

Founded in 1999, Fiesta is an insurance brokerage helping to match customers with the right policy from a selection of over 40 insurance providers for home, boat, auto, business, property, or rental coverage. In addition, all Fiesta locations offer tax preparation services to its customers. Fiesta has grown into a network of franchises serving clients from more than 130 locations.

Start-up Cost: $49.08K - 104.9K


Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting was founded by five childhood friends who had the collective dream to start their own business and achieve financial independence. The partners still run the company, which is now a franchised operation consisting of 60 units. Five Star does interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial customers.

Start-up Cost: $25.71K - 80.35K


Fresh Coat

The Fresh Coat company sells painting franchises to entrepreneurs who employ professional painters. Fresh Coat specializes in interior painting, for both residential and commercial customers. The concept includes giving customers a great deal and delivering quality work, no matter how big or small the job. Another distinctive feature of Fresh Coat’s model is their commitment to the environment; the company uses eco-friendly paint at no extra cost to their customers.

Start-up Cost: $40.85K - 67.95K



FRSTeam - or Fabric Restoration Service Team - was founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife partners Jim and Courtney Nicholas, along with Courtney’s brother Ryan Meekma. The company began franchising immediately and there are now almost 50 FRSTeam outfits operating today, providing customers with emergency cleanup and post-disaster restoration services.

Start-up Cost: $32K - 380.5K


Get A Grip Franchising LLC

Get A Grip is a family company run by founder Ryan Dillard and his parents, Sharon and Cub. The younger Dillard started the company in 1999, expanding on an existing family business resurfacing counters, bathtubs, and showers. The company uses a method that allows them to restore surfaces without having to replace them.

Start-up Cost: $43.6K - 92.7K


H & R Block

Another company started by brothers, H & R Block was founded as a small bookkeeping outfit in 1955 by Harold and Richard Bloch. The company has since maintained a long run as one of the top tax preparation services in the United States. They have continued to adapt to the technological advances of the times, and offer online services as well as tax preparation software. The firm processes hundreds of millions of tax returns every year.

Start-up Cost: $35.51K - 136.2K


Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

Hayes Handpiece was founded by John Hayes in 1989. Hayes had previously run a dental supply company and noticed that handheld dental tools were by far the most lucrative portion of his business. Acting on this knowledge, Hayes started the niche company Hayes Handpiece, providing repair and replacement for dental drills and other handheld tools. In 1995, the company began franchising and now has over 80 service and repair centers.

Start-up Cost: $38.75K - 58.35K


Heaven’s Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Heaven’s Best, which operates out of Rexburg, Idaho provides a semi-dry carpet cleaning method to residential and business clients. The practice of using minimal water allows Heaven’s Best to promise dry carpets just one hour after cleaning. The concept and company was originated by founder Cody Howard in 1983 and now more than 1,200 Heaven’s Best operations provide the company’s signature services.

Start-up Cost: $44.9K - 65.9K


i9 Sports

i9 Sports is a national group of local franchises that run youth sports leagues as well as training camps and clinics for soccer, lacrosse, softball, flag football, and more. i9 was founded by Frank V. Fiume, Jr in 2002. Franchises went up for sale in 2003, and now i9 encompasses over 130 separate franchisee-owned locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $44.9K - 72.9K


Ident-A-Kid Franchise Corp.

Ident-A-Kid promotes itself mostly through presentations and campaigns at schools, both private and public. Founded in 1986 and franchised in 2000, the company provides child identity kits intended to help parents and school officials have better chances of locating a child in the event that he or she goes missing.

Start-up Cost: $34.05K - 44.25K


Interior Magic Int’l.

Interior Magic provides auto appearance services from basic detailing to fabric dyeing and repair. They also do light auto body work, like small dent repair. The company was founded in 2003 and franchised in 2004. Interior Magic International now has 38 U.S. locations.

Start-up Cost: $33.05K - 100.06K


Jantize America

Established in 1983, Jantize founders set out a model for successful franchised operations through methodical guidelines, low startup cost, and consistent services. Jantize has become a large janitorial network, consisting of more than 250 franchises in the United States. The company itself is employee owned.

Start-up Cost: $29.65K - 171.5K


Jet-Black Int’l. Inc.

Andy and Doug Hoiland, brothers, started Jet-Black in 1988. The idea came to them after being dissatisfied with a driveway sealing job that had been done at their parents’ home. The two decided to go into the sealing/resurfacing business themselves, believing they could do a better job than the competition. Customers seem to agree and the Jet-Black name is now and internationally franchised chain that consists of nearly 80 outfits.

Start-up Cost: $38.4K - 90.5K


Kitchen Tune-Up

In 1986, Bob Haglund started Kitchen Tune-Up. Working in the cabinetry field, Haglund saw a need for kitchen repairs and touch ups that did not require full-on remodeling. In 1989, he franchised the concept after having researched and developed the best methods and formulas for his restoration services. Now, over 150 Kitchen Tune-Up franchises are in operation.

Start-up Cost: $45.85K - 55.4K


Leadership Management Inc.

Leadership Management Incorporated (LMI) is a group of franchises that provide programs to help hone executive and managerial skills in employees. The company was started by Paul J. Meyer in 1965 and franchised the same year. The LMI family now includes more than 500 offices in over 69 countries.

Start-up Cost: $35K - 42.5K

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