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Aire-Master of America Inc.

Jerry P. McCauley started Aire-Master in 1958, after creating his own line of restroom deodorizing products as an answer to the mediocre air fresheners he had observed in public restrooms. His firsthand knowledge - he had worked in the janitorial supply industry - afforded him insight that he used to create his business model. Aire-Master franchised in 1976 and through the years has become a network of almost 90 locations.

Start-up Cost: $34.08K - 126.9K


Allegra Marketing-Print-Mail

Allegra locations provide a long list of marketing, printing, and mailing solutions for customers. From printing and design services to online file transferring, the company works with all kinds of clients from students to small businesses. The company was founded in 1976 and became a franchised operation the year after. Allegra has grown into a conglomerate of more than 300 individually owned service centers.

Start-up Cost: $172.35K - 520.81K



AlphaGraphics started as a small copy and print shop in Tucson, Arizona in 1970. The shop’s array of services have grown along with technology and the popular chain now serves the communications needs of clients through online services and in their stores. Nearly 300 of the franchises operating out of several locations in the U.S. and abroad.

Start-up Cost: $242K - 412K


Always Best Care Senior Services

The founder of Always Best, Michael Newman, started his business after almost 20 years of working in the assisted living industry. Newman used his insights and experience to form the model for his own nonmedical care company. Always Best strives to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for seniors in order to help them maintain dignity and independence as long as possible.

Start-up Cost: $50.93K - 90.7K


American Leak Detection

Dick Rennick started American Leak Detection in 1974, providing residential and commercial customers with hidden leak detection through the use of minimally invasive electronic equipment. This allows technicians to find leaks in pipes, pool linings, and other buried or difficult to reach places without having to use destructive excavation methods.

Start-up Cost: $76.76K - 259.55K


American Poolplayers Association

American Poolplayers Association was founded by two professional pool players, Larry Hubbart and Terry Ball. The two wanted to give amateur billiards enthusiasts the chance to compete in tournament-like competitions. They franchised their organization a year after forming it and now APA (and CPA in Canada) members pay dues to join leagues and participate in elimination contests.

Start-up Cost: $17.08K - 32.65K


AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services

AmericSpec Home Inspection Services started in 1988 as a home inspection company in Sacramento, California. Almost immediately, the company began selling franchises. In 1996, the brand joined together with the ServiceMaster group of household and property service companies. Other ServiceMaster brands include Terminix, Merry Maids, and TruGreen/ChemLawn.

Start-up Cost: $37.7K - 70.25K



The well known chain of convenience stores first appeared in 1978 as an addition to Arco gas stations. Customers loved the idea and ampm has since been providing travelers with a wide variety of food and drinks, including items made fresh on site.There are now over 1,000 ampm locations throughout the United States.

Start-up Cost: $1.85M - 7.76M



Amramp helps provide mobility and accessibility solutions for disabled individuals. Specializing in wheelchair ramps, the company sells and installs mobility products through more than 40 franchised outlets. Amramp’s wheelchair ramps are designed for optimal safety and ease of use.

Start-up Cost: $125.41K - 134.63K


Anago Cleaning Systems

In 1989 David Povlitz opened the first Anago Cleaning Systems office in Florida. With 15 years of experience in the janitorial industry under his belt, Povlitz developed a system outlining efficient, detailed cleaning methods that enabled Anago cleaning teams to effectively serve very large commercial clients. In 1991, Povlitz began selling franchises which have continued to be successful. There are now more than 2,200 Anago Cleaning Systems in operation across the United States.

Start-up Cost: $8.54K - 65.41K


Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness was founded in 2001 on a simple, unique idea - a fully equipped gym open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even when no staff are present. This is achieved through extensive surveillance and security systems installed at every location.They also offer all the perks of traditional gyms, like classes and personal trainers, during certain hours. Anytime Fitness began franchising in 2002, and has grown to encompass more than 1,800 locations around the world.

Start-up Cost: $46.3K - 321.9K


ApexNetwork Physical Therapy

ApexNetwork provides patients with a wide variety of physical therapy services, employing qualified therapists to serve with all kinds of needs in all areas of the body. The company works with privately paying individuals as well as with insurance companies, including Worker’s Compensation. The company was founded in 1999 and franchised in 2008.

Start-up Cost: $101K - 270.9K


Apricot Lane

Apricot Lane is a chain of specialty boutiques catering to women. They carry high-fashion clothing, accessories, decor, and gifts. Apricot Lane stores are the concept of Country Visions, a franchising company. The Apricot Lane name can be seen in 28 states, and growth projections are promising.

Start-up Cost: $165.3K - 402.8K


Arby’s Restaurant Group

The first Arby’s restaurant was opened in Boardman, Ohio by Leroy & Forrest Raffel. The two brothers had run a consulting firm in the foodservice industry called Raffel Brothers, Inc. Moving into the restaurant business was a natural move, and the young entrepreneurs had a unique concept. Deciding that the fast food market was saturated with burger joints, the Raffels offered customers an alternative - the roast beef sandwiches for which Arby’s has become known. The name is a play on “R” and “B” which could stand for Roast Beef, but in fact was meant to stand for “Raffel Brothers.” In any case, the Arby’s formula is a winner and there are now more than 3,600 locations.

Start-up Cost: $357.5K - 2.4M


ASP-America’s Swimming Pool Co.

Stewart Vernon founded America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) in 2001 in Macon, Georgia. Vernon’s concept was to provide quick, quality pool care at affordable prices. Since 2005, the company has been a franchised operation and there are now more than 90 successful owner-operated ASP locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $49.2K - 89.5K


Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels

Anne Beiler came up with her business concept while working a concession stand at a Maryland Farmer’s Market. The soft pretzels offered at the stand far outsold the pizza, hot dogs, and other foods on its menu. When Anne started rolling the dough and shaping the pretzels in front of customers, the demand for them grew even more. After a while, Beiler decided to purchase her own stand, which she named Auntie Anne’s. Before long, Auntie Anne’s pretzel stands started popping up in malls, airports, train stations, and elsewhere. Now the Auntie Anne’s franchise is almost 1,200 strong.

Start-up Cost: $197.88K - 364.1K


Aussie Pet Mobile

As indicated by its name, Aussie Pet Mobile originated in Australia. The franchised operations come to pet owners and perform washing and grooming services out of specially equipped vans. The mobile grooming units have all the amenities necessary for performing these duties without the need for any outside electrical or water hookups. Another distinctive feature of the company is its commitment to being ecologically friendly; Aussie Pet Mobile vehicles use diesel fuel and all of the products they use are biodegradable.

Start-up Cost: $98.5K - 118.65K


Baskin-Robbins USA Co.

Irv Robbins started Baskin-Robbins with his brother-in-law, Burt Baskin in 1945. Robbins had been the manager at an ice cream shop years earlier, and had since wanted to open his own. Eager to break out of the typical ice cream parlor flavor rut of chocolate and vanilla, Robbins created exciting new flavors to the delight of his customers. This evolved into the company’s signature “31 flavor” philosophy. Now, there are around 7,000 Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlors worldwide.

Start-up Cost: $45K - 377.6K


Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus originated in Green Bay, Wisconsin where the first of these specialized battery sales and service stores was opened in 1988. The company sells batteries for all manner of electronics and equipment to individual and commercial clients. With nearly 500 locations in the United States, Batteries Plus has made a distinctive name for itself in the franchise world.

Start-up Cost: $175.6K - 350.2K


Baymont Inn & Suites

Baymont Inns & Suites have been around since 1974, when the first one was opened by entrepreneur Steven Marcus in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He called it Budgetel. Later changed to Baymont, the name still represents value in lodging and is part of the Wyndham Worldwide group of hotels, which also includes Days Inn, Microtel, and Ramada.

Start-up Cost: $195.87K - 5.49M

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