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Pump It Up

Pump It Up services the children’s party and entertainment market, providing inflatable play objects for rental and purchase. Pump It Up is formed by a collection of independently franchised locations serving several areas in the United States. Customers can rent such items as bounce houses, inflatable slides, obstacle courses and more for their parties and events.

Start-up Cost: $304.55K - 703.9K


Qdoba Mexican Grill

Entrepreneurs Robert Hauser and Anthony Miller partnered to open the first Qdoba restaurant in Denver, Colorado in 1995. Though the establishment was known by another name at that time, it was a huge success as it continued to evolve into the franchise that is now known as Qdoba. The fresh, customizable Mexican fare is still popular and more than 600 Qdoba Mexican Grills are in operation today.

Start-up Cost: $489K - 762K



John Scardapane founded Saladworks in 1986. Scardapane, a chef himself, wanted to offer busy customers with healthy dining options. He knew he was taking a risk by introducing a salad restaurant into an industry dominated by burgers and fries, but believed his idea would pay off. Sure enough, customers loved it and the first Saladworks was wildly popular. Today, more than 100 franchised Saladworks locations serve made-to-order salads as well as sandwiches and soup.

Start-up Cost: $343.8K - 494.03K


Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

Salsarita’s is a chain of cantina-style Mexican restaurants operating in the United States and its territories. It was first opened in 2000 in Charlotte, North Carolina with a simple business model that includes serving fresh, high quality food in a friendly and casual environment. There are 80 Salsarita’s restaurants operating at present.

Start-up Cost: $317.5K - 607.5K


Slumberland Franchising Inc.

Slumberland first opened in 1967 in Minnesota. The store specialized in comfort furniture items, like mattresses and reclining chairs. The inventory has expanded over the years and Slumberland carries all kinds of home furnishings. The outfit started selling franchises in 1974 and there are now more than 120 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $494K - 2.08M


Smashburger Franchising LLC

Tom Ryan opened the first Smashburger in 2007 in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Smashburger’s name refers to the way the company’s signature dish is cooked; a ball of beef is placed directly on the grill and then smashed with a spatula after the surface is seared. The concept was immediately popular and Ryan began franchising in 2008. Now, around 150 Smashburger restaurants have been opened in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $321.25K - 773.25K


Stevi B’s Pizza

Stevi B’s Pizza was founded in 1996 by two brothers who wanted to create a better model for a neighborhood family pizzeria. This included using only fresh ingredients for their pies and having a play area to keep restless kids occupied. The brothers decided to begin franchising based on popular demand and have since become a network of pizzerias spanning 8 states.

Start-up Cost: $498K - 669K


Taco John’s Int’l. Inc.

In 1969, Jim Woodson and Harold Holmes bought a popular local taco stand in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They renamed it Taco John’s and started franchising right away, banking on their belief that the authentic Mexican recipes used by the shop’s original proprietor would be as popular everywhere else as they were in Cheyenne. The two entrepreneurs were right and Taco John’s has continued to be a popular franchise with over 400 locations.

Start-up Cost: $336K - 1.08M


The HoneyBaked Ham Co. & Cafe

The HoneyBaked Ham Co. & Cafe was founded in 1957 by entrepreneur - and inventor of the spiral slicer - Harry Hoenselaar. Franchised in 1998, the company has had much success cooking up its signature HoneyBaked ham and turkey, along with side dishes and desserts. There are about 180 locations in the U.S. HoneyBaked also offers catering for business functions, parties, and holiday meals.

Start-up Cost: $294K - 409.9K


The Learning Experience

After running - and eventually retiring from - a successful childcare franchise for several years, the Weissman family (Michael and Linda and son Michael) returned to the business world to launch a new venture. The Learning Center kept to the Weissman’s original concept of infusing child care with education and working closely with parents to gauge each child’s progress. Over 100 of these centers are serving clients around the United States today.

Start-up Cost: $480.95K - 3.56M


Togo’s Franchisor LLC

Togo’s first appeared on the campus of San Jose State University, where student and young entrepreneur Mike Cobler opened it as an answer to boring cafeteria food. Demand was so high for the fresh sandwiches he served that Cobler soon had to open a second store. Fast forward a couple of decades, and Togo’s franchise locations number over 250.

Start-up Cost: $257.81K - 419.8K


United Check Cashing

Philadelphia-based United Check Cashing was first opened in 1971 and has seen years of continued success in the non-bank financial services market. The name was opened up to franchising in 1991, and has since spread rapidly, reaching over 120 operational units so far. Locations provide check cashing, wire transfers, and other services.

Start-up Cost: $226K - 297K


Villa Enterprises

Villa Enterprises is collection of successful food service brands that now includes 10 separate restaurant names. There are 300 locations under the Villa company throughout the United States and in six countries. The concept originated from a pizza parlor started in New York back in 1964, and has built its success on customer satisfaction through fresh ingredients and consistent service.

Start-up Cost: $296.95K - 584K


VooDoo BBQ & Grill

The first VooDoo location was opened up right in New Orleans in 2002. Using a dry-rub, slow-cook technique, VooDoo created a signature taste that perfectly represented the New Orleans flavor. Four years after opening, the VooDoo name franchised and has just begun to spread its wings into the broader market.

Start-up Cost: $340.5K - 625K


Wingstop Restaurants Inc.

In 1994, inspired by the growing popularity of buffalo wing restaurants, Antonio Swad established the original Wingstop restaurant in Garland, Texas. Four years later, he was ready to start selling franchises and soon this made-to-order chicken was a favorite of customers all over the United States and elsewhere. More than 600 Wingstops are now in existence.

Start-up Cost: $263.55K - 616.95K


Yogurtland Franchising Inc.

After immigrating from Korea to the United States, Philip Chang founded Yogurtland. Chang’s model is one of using real, fresh ingredients in all of his products. Part of the Yogurtland concept includes keeping the menu full of unique flavors, like Blue Lychee Bliss, Birthday Cupcake Batter, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

Start-up Cost: $329.8K - 615.6K


Zoup! Systems LLC

In 1997, Zoup’s founders opened what would eventually become the popular lunch restaurant chain. They sold soup and spice products on the wholesale market, eventually joining forces with a chef friend who helped them to devise the homestyle recipes for which Zoup! is known. The company opened up to franchising in 2003 and there are currently over 40 locations in the United States.

Start-up Cost: $327.5K - 563K

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