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Ask us any question you may have about franchising and we'll come up with the answer for it. Answers are emailed back to you then posted in the membership area for all to learn from (your info is kept anonymous). Members get to ask up to three questions. Ask your questions today by signing up for a free membership.


Sample questions

QUESTION: I can’t afford to make a bad investment, what do I need to know before investing in a franchise?
QUESTION: I bought a franchise 3 years ago and now want to sell it – what is the best way to sell it and how do I determine the asking price?
QUESTION: Which franchisees earn greater profits – McDonald’s or Burger King?
QUESTION: Which franchises would you recommend for teachers?
QUESTION: What is the best ROI franchise for under $50,000?
QUESTION: What happens to my franchise when I die?
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